602 – Paul F. Tompkins

Release date 10/28/2009

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Intro: 180th episode, not the 602nd, that would be ridiculous.

2:00 Get on board with the special video deal

3:00 Paul has been away, so no season 5 appearance

3:30 Paul’s new speech pattern is confusing?

4:00 Affected accents

5:00 Paul’s history of British comedy

6:15 Quality with a “C”

7:00 Graffiti: the future of marketing

8:00 We gotta go three-camera shoot!

8:30 Head shots for the dry cleaner

10:00 How to look like a nerd

11:30 Halloween costumes

14:30 Sally Jesse Raphael

16:00 Paul is bored

16:45 Was it a barn burner?

17:00 More Halloween

20:00 Yoda is clearly male

22:30 Paul’s e-mail typo

24:30 What up wit dat?

28:00 Pinks hot dogs and celebrity talk

32:00 Paul’s mystery eating-meeting place

34:00 Internet feedback: punched in the mouth by Carolla fans

35:30 An exhaustive, detailed history of movie ratings

36:30 John Henry Mike Mulligan

37:30 Is Jimmy invited to Paul’s wedding?

39:30 Southern food / boiled peanuts

42:50 Thumbs are down!

43:00 How do you tip bad service?

45:30 Eating less meat

48:00 Jimmy’s french accent

49:00 Paul’s tattoos

50:00 Jimmy has defective elbows

52:30 Jimmy continues to hint about getting invited to Paul’s wedding

54:00 Don’t send Jimmy that disgusting viral video, or he will kill everyone on this planet!

55:45 Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr.

57:00 Bob Dylan’s Christmas album and radio show

1:00:20 Break time!

1:01:00 Oliver the vigilante and The Cowardly Lion

1:03:00 Jimmy, the needy dad

1:05:30 Shyamalan’s movies

1:07:00 Where the Wild Things Are

1:13:30 Stupid Question of the Week! From Meg: Do you prefer the bedroom cool or warm? Quilt or duvet? Top sheet? Cool side of the pillow? Air conditioning?

1:20:00 Stupid Question of the Week Number 2! Kenny Lentine: What was your favorite thing to doodle growing up?

1:24:00 Styles McCool

1:27:00 Jimmy draws Snoopy on his house

1:31:00 Jimmy: “I once drew a scene of a guy hanging on a hook.”

1:33:30 Jimmy is gonna be big!

Ooonnnnn the podcast! Bag o’ corn, friend!