603 – Greg Behrendt

Release date 11/4/2010

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Intro: Jimmy is a 48 year old woman. Andrew shaved.

3:00 Author, comedian, musician Greg Behrendt is surprisingly easy

4:30 Henry Cho, instigator of fury

6:00 Warming up for Conan

7:00 Alice in Chains do it in drop D

8:30 We were all freezing in the 90s

10:00 John Mayer = Dane Cook

11:00 ******bags

13:30 “I was at a party with one of The Strokes…”

15:00 Standup as Lady Gaga

15:30 Greg’s girls

17:30 Cornered by dullards

19:00 “I was at a party, and Tom Hanks was there…”

21:30 Dolphin shorts, ball-adjacent

22:30 Strokes-Hives-Ramones-Coldplay-talk

24:30 I know it’s not Meatloaf…

25:00 Beans, landlines, and a dog-eating coyote

27:00 The beauty of Andrew’s love-child

28:00 Halloween festivities

33:30 Internet annoyances

38:30 Funny, crazy, clever Halloween costumes

40:00 “One year I saw Bill Maher at a party…”

41:00 Marc Maron wants to know: who is Greg’s audience?

43:00 Straight men running a gay bar

45:00 Matt steals candy from his own baby

46:00 Full-sized vs. fun-sized

47:30 Greg wants to be the surprise in your bag

51:30 Murder during the Ohio Players’ Love Rollercoaster

52:15 “I hosted the Music Cares tribute to Anthony Kiedis…”

53:30 David Naughton and Jack-in-the-Box voiceover auditions

56:00 Acting vs. standup

59:00 Greg’s cameo in He’s Just Not That Into You

1:01:00 Ray Ramano plays Ray Ramano

1:03:30 “I was at a dinner with Kathy Griffin and Quentin Tarantino…”

1:05:00 Break

1:05:30 Jimmy smashes his finger with the clock

1:06:00 Solo Guesstures

1:06:30 The pressures of being president

1:08:30 NNF book recommendations

1:10:00 It’s ok to like impressions, puppets, props, and magic

1:12:00 Comedians hate success, especially of other comedians

1:13:00 Team Dane Cook vs. Army of Greg

1:15:30 Stupid Question of the Week! Melissa Sullivan: Day-old pizza, cold or re-heated?

1:18:00 John Taylor defines “anarchy”

1:20:00 Smooth up in ya

1:21:00 Dave Grohl at Motley Crue

1:23:00 Gay pub crawl radio ad

1:24:00 Gay Snuggie

1:25:00 Does Bruce listen to the podcast?

1:26:00 “I Skype with Kate Bush…”

1:27:00 Stupid Question of the Week #2: If you could make one unhealthy food healthy, what would it be?

1:28:30 Phineas and Ferb

1:29:00 Oliver shivs Jimmy over Coffee in a Cardboard Cup

1:31:00 More Greg family-talk

1:32:00 Plugging The Reigning Monarchs and Sketchfest

Oooonnnn the podcast!