604 – Pat Francis

Release date 11/11/2009

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Intro: Episode 604. 6, 0, 4 are all prime numbers, but not really. Jimmy needs to learn things before Oliver gets into school.

2:15 Matt the Manager: sports or retail?

3:30 Cousin Joey at Pat’s Target

5:00 Joyce DeWitt’s breasts

6:00 Music talk

7:00 SAT/ACT tests

8:00 Helping with homework

9:45 Sing along with Jimmy: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

11:00 Short jokes on Bob & Tom

12:45 Jimmy Pardo is on Twitter! But don’t follow him.

14:00 Funny, funny billboards from Mark & Brian

14:45 Dee’s Sleaze!

16:00 Pat’s kids’ school Halloween parade

22:30 Girl stars on The Tonight Show

23:30 “My friends will kick my ass if I don’t ask you out.”

26:00 Steve Miller Band

27:00 Shakira and TLC

30:00 Let’s talk about this: Jimmy Tattoo!

50:00 Obvious Trivia: Actors spend hours in makeup!

51:00 More tattoo talk

1:00:00 Break

1:00:30 Roger Daltry in Concert from the 11th row

1:07:30 Neil Young on MTV Unplugged

1:08:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Sugar Mountain

1:09:00 In line with the drummer’s friend

1:11:30 U2 at the Rose Bowl / Larry Mullen, Jr.’s click-track

1:17:00 Pretentiousness and bad stage patter

1:19:30 Stuck in an elevator: Bono vs. Sting / Realtone Ringtone

1:21:00 “Shut up, showders!”

1:21:30 Baby on the concert floor

1:23:00 Bumper pool

1:25:00 Jimmy discovers “alone time”

1:26:30 Thank you for the gifts!

1:27:15 Gambling for gift cards

1:29:30 Pat relates to Greg Behrendt

1:30:00 Stupid Question of the Week! Daniella: Un-used paper napkins left on your table, how do you use them?

1:31:30 Judge Jimmy! Eric Gmutza: Whose job is it to hold open the storm door?

1:37:00 Plugs: ConsistentJackass.com

1:37:30 Thanks for re-subscribing

1:39:00 Jimmy: “Conan will not be on this program!”

Ooonnnn …. the podcast!