Episode 24 – Mike Siegel, TV Star and Caddy

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Episode released 09/15/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/16/15)


Hello everybody and indeed welcome to Never Not Funny

I am Jimmy Pardo, your friend from television and the world wide web, the information superhighway

We are a member of HandheldComedy.com

Mike thinks Jimmy skipped saying the show name

It’s football season

Hi Matt

Back to Mike and football

Promos for football on TV seem to focus on the halftime singer/band instead of the game

Mike Siegel gets a backhanded introduction, then back to Mike and football

30 Rock sounds too much like Third Rock

Studio 60 confuses things

Prince is announced as half-time show for the Super Bowl before the season ever started

Jimmy gives Mike Siegel a “proper buildup”


Siegel hosts TBS Movie Extra, HGTV If Walls Could Talk, and HGTV What You Get for the Money

In L.A. $500,000 gets you a crappy house

Jimmy is surprised that you get a nice house for $200,000 in other parts of the country

Mike just bought a duplex, so he’s a landlord now

Jimmy is taking down Jeremy Piven

Every fourth episode is a guest, these guests are here because they are Jimmy’s friends

Jimmy is blessed that his friends are all funny

Jimmy is fascinated that on Tourgasm, four comedians hang out and never say anything funny

That’s not Dane Cook bashing

Mike bailed after two episodes

Siegel (whom Jimmy refers to as “Segundo”) thinks it doesn’t give realistic insight into the life of a comedian


Matt says they didn’t commit to the bus, since they took a private jet to some shows

Tourgasm doesn’t show any of his act; it was a build up to Vicious Circle

Jimmy had to watch it, train-wreck style

Four comics hanging out enjoying a Segway ride

Matt says we need a glossary

Graham Elwood’s use of the words “friend” and “shooter”


For you kids, this is Arte Johnson doing a very popular bit on the Laugh-In show which ran from 1968 to 1973.

For you kids, this is Arte Johnson doing a very popular bit on the Laugh-In show which ran from 1968 to 1973.

Siegel disagrees with Jimmy’s memory of his caddying for him at the celebrity golf tournament (as told on the Gilmartin episode #20)

Siegel think Jimmy made him sounds dickier than he was, because the listener may not have known they were good friends

Arte Johnson was the more desireable celebrity

Matt thinks Siegel’s take is more believable, because Jimmy lets things eat at him


In fairness, Siegel was not a good caddy

Siegel brought a gift for Mike and Jimmy: White Sox baseball cards

Nothing for Matt

Siegel is disappointed that they already talked about the KISS concert he got them tickets to

Siegel used to be an MTV VJ

Jimmy’s first show was a non-paying pilot with Gary Coleman

“Looking Up at the Nightly News” was short people talking about the news

Siegel doesn’t remember Wade Nordhagen, who is on the card he just gave Jimmy

Mike calls back to Jimmy’s “appearances” as Spiderman, which makes Matt wish there was a way for people to search previous episodes


Superhero related songs

Ted Nugent talk

Wango Tango lyrics

Has my baby been wangoed to death?

Stranglehold is a great riff

Nugent and KISS at the Arrowhead Pond (?)

Nugent lost Jimmy as a fan by calling the crowd “liberal faggots” and singing the song “Kiss My Ass”


Siegel is not a reality show fan

Siegel went to surf camp in Costa Rica

Siegel travels a lot alone; he loves foreign travel


Drinking and knowing soccer helps when travelling

Jimmy thinks Pele is terrific

Mike wants to know about safety

Matt thinks The Girl from Ipanema is the worst song ever

Mike doesn’t want a kebab, he wants a steak, not a meat puzzle


All about the meat on kebab sword restaurants

Mike is off red meat, since he is dying of high cholesterol

Jimmy thinks Siegel is training for a triathalon, but it’s a marathon

Matt tries to use the Rule of Threes to insult Jimmy’s intellegence

Siegel is on the all-fudge marathon prep


How do we all take our steak?

Lots of “Kiss My Ass” singing

Siegel does not listen to music while training

The guys avoid telling people the are comedians

On the plane: aisle or window? Jimmy is aisle in economy, but window in first class


Jimmy won’t sit in the same row as Mike since he got moved to a middle seat

When he was bigger Mike was charged for two seats, so he refused to let someone sit next to him

Jimmy had a gym coach who pronounced “puberty” “pooberty”


Reservoir Dogs is Mike’s favorite movie

Siegel is surprised that the hour went by so fast

Matt “It’s the fastest hour in podcasting”

Siegel was in a scene in the movie Traffic

Siegel may have to ditch his current tenants

Jimmy demands to know the details of Siegel’s deal with the tenants


Vaudeville Jimmy closes out the show

Member of Handheld Comedy Network

Onnnn the podcast.