Episode 23 – Jimmy’s Uncomfortable Steam Room Experience

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Episode Released 09/08/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/16/15)


Nighttime recording here on the east coast! What?

Michael Glenn Schmidt is here, HEY!!!!

Hello Matt, the Producer

Matt asks Jimmy how he is doing, a rarity

Quad trouble

Quad trouble

Jimmy has quad trouble

Jimmy tore his quads during baseball several years ago

Jimmy “kicked it up a notch” at the gymnasium, resulting in quad trouble


Jimmy’s former trainer was fired due to numerous infractions


Jimmy runs into former trainer at the gym while training with the new trainer

Jimmy bought car-trunk-supplied natural juice


Travolta: bad basketball player or bad actor?

Phenomenon is a good movie, according to Mike and Matt

Jimmy’s trainer had to quit because he sold his second screenplay which became a Jet Li Movie

(Name redacted to throw Google off the scent, but here’s the movie.)

war jet li15

Mike’s trainer was more interested in talking to women than actually training him

Jimmy and Mike in unison: Sit on it, Potsy! (That’s a Happy Days Tv show reference for you youngsters.)

Mike quit his trainer then had lunch with Chip Chinery, but hid in the bathroom when the trainer came in

Matt is not a gym guy but rides his bike a lot


Jimmy thinks Matt is in good shape, Mike thinks he’s “normal”

Matt is too stingy for a gym

Jimmy tries to blame Matt for mucking up the show


Friend of the show Pat Francis bought the Bowflex rowing machine

Jimmy “helped” Pat sell the machine

Matt has an elliptical that he never uses

Matt has to explain what an elliptical machine is

Jimmy had to stop uses the elliptical because he ended up with a “black guy’s ass”


Matt bikes for exercise and transport

The only kind of exercise Matt can do has to be fun or productive

tennis racquetball trainerJimmy tries to explain his racquetball-on-a-string device he had as a teenager

Mike asks when Jimmy started masturbating

Mike skipped from Kindergarten to third grade


Matt was held back because he would have been the only one in his grade

Jimmy got caught the second time he tried; stepdad came home early


Very uncomfortable alone-time conversation

Mike gets caught in his mid-20s

Jimmy starts his steam room story


Elevators in buildings with gyms are stinky

Back to the steam room story

Jimmy gets joined by a steam room fondler


Jimmy defends taking a shower before leaving

Private shower stalls might convince Matt to join a gym

Jimmy also brushed his teeth and gelled his hair before leaving

Fondler guy stares at Jimmy as he grooms


Matt comes up with a convoluted and complicated scenario to justify the fondler

Matt wants more details about the fondler situation

Mike has a similar gym story


A guy got naked and close

Mike’s response: “We’re closed!”

Mike gets hit on working at a pizza place, which is different than fondling in the steam room

Recapping last week’s contest: win a copy of Saint’s Row, with voice acting by Mike and Danielle Koenig

Winner gets a Never Not Funny Fun Pack


The game, AST buttons, I hate Jimmy Pardo bumper sticker, a Pompous Clown CD

Name drawn from a bag of names

Mike draws a name

Winner: Chase Scott from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

He wants everyone to sign his game

We appreciate all the feedback

Oonnnnn the podcast!