Episode 22 – Softball, Writing, and Mike Leaves His Car Running

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Episode released 09/01/06

Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/15/15)


Hello and indeed welcome

A member of Handheld comedy

Just south of movie star, north of dicey

Episode 22, Stone of Sysiphus in honor of the non-released Chicago album

Matt is the producer, and part of the gang of two

Former third baseman Mike Schmidt

Sports, Matt!

Matt is wearing a cycling shirt, which came with doped blood

Mike and Matt watched their wives play softball

Mike insists he was funny at the game

Mike wrote a recap of the game for the Disney office, and it didn’t go well


Matt’s wife worked at Rough Draft Studios, and was catcher on the team

Matt’s not sure if he should give this much info about softball

Softball related anger

softballMike shares a volleyball anger story


Jimmy’s terrible show in Oklahoma in 1992

“You might want to think about smiling on stage”

Jimmy played racquetball with friend George Campbell, where he accidentally cut George’s eye during an anger-fueled ball-smash

Mike, Jimmy, and friend-of-the-show Pat Francis went to a show at the Verizon amphitheater


They went to see Def Leppard and Journey


Jack FM added Billy Idol, Cheap Trick, Violent Femmes

Pat Francis is the biggest Cheap Trick fan, but calls the set a dud

Pat used his wiley ways to get a backstage meet and greet with Journey, yet didn’t get to meet or greet

Mike told Jeff Scott Soto he was proud of him

Pat was gone, having snuck further backstage

Jimmy’s character Cocktail Kenny sounds like Ken Sevara who sounds like Harry Carey

Ken Sevara makes everyone promise things to him


Off-ramp to a different story: Jimmy meets Corey Hart

A friend wanted an autograph of Corey Hart

corey-hart-sunglasses-at-nightJimmy looked like Corey Hart at the time


Corey Hart refused to give the autograph, resulting in a shouting match

Another off-ramp: Jimmy has to share a mic with Billy Squier

Back to the Journey story

The Journey crowd was 30s and 40s and rough around the edges


colorsPat returned from a food run to find people in their seats and he had to intimidate the occupant away

This reminds Jimmy of the movie Colors C-C-C-Colors

Lots of fondling and drugs going on

Matt saw Dave Matthews at that venue and also had a bad experience

“Dave wants you to sit down, man!”

Jimmy did not care for Def Leppard at all

They got there at 4, and finally got to Mike’s car about midnight

Mike had left his car running for 8 hours


Mike’s smart key lets him walk away and lock the car with it running, and he didn’t hear the warning beep

Matt beat himself up for an entire weekend for something stupid he did

Matt accidentally threw away two checks and didn’t know for three days

carsThe movie Cars was so bad it made Matt angry

Matt can’t buy into the logic of the Cars world


Matt tried to deposit the non-existent checks in the ATM, leaving his ATM card there

Matt talks about a woman who “sits desk” at the bank

Mike and Jimmy have never heard the phrase “sit desk”

The woman who sits desk is the stupidest woman he ever met, but she rescued his ATM card


Fan Keith Kelly emailed in a poster inthe style of The Illusionist called The Apologist in honor of Matt

When Jimmy was in Indiana, fan and comic Jeff Bodart brought Never Not Funny shirts for the gang

Lots of positive feedback on Never Not Funny

Mike works on Starface, and wrote on the Xbox game Saints Row

Giveaway time! A copy of Saint’s Row


Voices on Saint’s Row: Mike, Danielle Koenig, and Chris Fairbanks

Winner will be randomly chosen from emails, live on next podcast

Oooonnnn the podcast!