Episode 25 – Monkeys in Suits, Shelley Berman, and Jimmy Walker


Episode released 09/22/06
Show notes by Darryl Asher 09/23/15


We are a member of the Handheld Comedy Network

Mike wants to know how Jimmy is feeling

Sore throat from flying

Closed throat from flying

Closed throat from flying

“Hey we’re a morning zoooooo!”

Matt has a side fauxhawk but is close to using Jimmy’s haircut
gist certificate

Mike will use his soon

Mike’s writing on the TV show Funniest Pets and People

Pets to people split ordered by network: 70/30

Planet’s Funniest Animals have a deal with Jane Goodall and won’t
write monkey jokes

This is the first “late night” record, and Matt jokes about the
“Mac the knife guy” coming by, apparently a reference to a
short-lived McDonald’s “Mac Tonight” ad campaign

Jimmy does NOT like monkeys in clothes or acting like people


Mike has seen enough of dogs eating bubbles and hose streams

Mike doesn’t care about clothed monkeys, Matt is a little creeped
out by it and that it’s demeaning to the animals

Via the most awkward segue in history, Jimmy tells us about
Handheld Comedy’s Laugh Bank

Mike talks about Bobby Berosini, an alleged orangutan abuser

Recap about the giveaway contest

Mike says Matt’s “iPod” “pog” joke is solid

Jimmy flies to Vegas, Mike drives because he’s not a “big shot”
like Jimmy


Jimmy took the window seat on the flight back

Matt likes to look out the window when flying

Jimmy was on the cover of the Las Vegas magazine

Jimmy’s Mike Tyson joke

The substitute Las Vegas sound guy had to bust through the
soundbooth wall because the regular guy had the key


Strong week in Las Vegas

Jimmy’s story about opening for the legendary Shelley Berman and
accidentally swapping jackets


Shelley screams in Jimmy’s face about it

Jimmy apologizes to Jimmy. Twice.

“Have a catch” vs. “play catch”

“Have a shower” vs. “take a shower”

“Run the vacuum” vs. “vacuum the carpet”

Pat Francis is a “run the vacuum” guy



Jimmy apologizes for halting the show

Matt’s getting lots of accolades about the show

Jimmy clarifies that Never Not Funny is a spin-off of Matt’s AST
Radio podcast

Mike says he is “gravy training” with Belknap

Jimmy tells the Redd Foxx Las Vegas story

Jimmy thinks they should make an Aristocrats-style documentary
about the Redd Foxx story

Matt fills us in on the beatbox Sanford and Son theme by Ready

(About 2:30 in this clip)


Sanford and Son and Good Times were depressing for different

Jimmy tells about working with Jimmy Walker

Kid Dynamite, who says “DYN-O-MITE!”


Jimmy Walker endured Jimmy’s John Amos joke for a little while

jimmy-walkerJimmy Walker refused to say “DYN-O-MITE” for a while

Jimmy worked with Tommy Chong

Cheech Marin would do his parts by phone for a while

“I got high with Tommy Chong”

Jimmy makes a Hitler comparison


Jimmy becomes The Apologist

Mike and Matt give alternatives to Jimmy’s Hitler comparison

An apology with “if” is not an apology

Mike wants to know if Jimmy is getting the new 80 gig iPod

Critics are idiots and parasites


Mike knows way too much about Hitler

Matt predicts the “touch screen iPod” will be out by January
2007. (The iPhone was released June 29, 2007; the iPod Touch was released September 5, 2007)

Apple-iPad-ProJimmy hears the new iPod will be a 15 inch screen, since everyone
wants a bigger screen (iPad Pro, 13 inches, was
announced September 9, 2015)

Matt predicts the full screen iPod, and “the iPod phone”

Jimmy never got in a fight with Mitch Hedberg

Mike’s wife’s favorite comedian

Jimmy shits on his own story and Mike calls him out on it


Nuts and bolts, ins and outs, and a third thing

Jimmy’s advice to comics; “Tighten the screws”

Cribs with Rashid Wallace

Rashid has the original Good Times painting

Bill Burr handles hecklers in Philadelphia

Jimmy will tell his naval base story at some point


The video is on Bill Burr’s MySpace page

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Part if Handheld Comedy

Mike wants to know if we still call it The Pardcast

Episode 2-5 IN THE CAN


Onnn the podcast!