Episode 21 – Television, High School Rings, and Musicals

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Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/15/15)


Mike has a look of concern


Matt immediately mocks Matt’s muppet voice

Mike’s concern was that he as mid-chip-eating

From the corner of movie star and dicey

Jimmy sounds out of steam less than two minutes into the show

“Jimmy and the gang…”

Jimmy informs Matt and Mike he can boot them at any time

American Idle Threat, Jimmy’s new reality show


What’s Jimmy annoyed with? Grown man wearing a class ring

Matt is wearing a class ring, but it’s not a Josten’s giant bullshit ring, just a nice pinky ring

Jimmy Dur

Jimmy Durante

Tom Cruise is the Jimmy Durante of today, due to nose size

(Does anyone still know who Jimmy Durante is? Go to YouTube and you’ll find his movies and music – Darryl)

Mike’s CD collection is Alpha by Artist

Scott Aukerman has a CD room

Rich Banchich bought $5000 worth of CDs

Mike’s friend Butch Walker has a new single out


Jimmy wants to bring it back to class rings

What’s the cutoff age for class ring?

classringsMike wants to know: Championship rings?

Mike’s mom still has his class ring

Jimmy and Mike have NOTHING good to say about Matt’s pinky ring

Jimmy and Pat Francis’s drunken ring purchase

“Pat! I’m a ring guy!”


Also horrifying: grown man with high school football jacket

Town pride linked to high school football

Jesus Christ SuperstarMike saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert

A benefit for the overly-hispanic-annunciated Ricardo Montalban Theater

Dick Clark’s post-stroke comeback on New Years’ Rockin’ Eve was painful to watch


Mike says Ricardo Montalban should be in the dead pool

(Montalban died January 14, 2009, less than 3 years after this episode dropped – Darryl)

Jimmy will see ANY production of Jesus Christ Superstar, even a high school production


“This Jesus Must Die”

Jimmy’s second favorite musical is Evita

Matt’s reaction: Are you fucking serious?

Matt is stunned about Jimmy’s rock-opera obsession


“One Night in Bangkok”

Mike saw Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neely (from the film version) in the lead role


Ben Vereen as Judas

Jack Black as King Herod

Ted Neely has a full time career as Jesus in JC Superstar


Jeffrey Katzenberg

Harrison Ford (of whom Mike is not a fan)


Danny Bonaduce

Matt thinks musicals are cheesy

The movie Tommy freaked Matt out

Rock Star: Supernova talk


Ted Baxter, played by Ted Knight on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ted Baxter, played by Ted Knight on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Jimmy thinks Gene Simmons Family Jewels is the most fascinating TV show

When will reality TV end?

Mike gets mistaken for the gym owner

All of Mike’s impressions sound like Ted Baxter

Reality TV invades your every day life in Los Angeles

Britney Spears video: my jaw hurts!
(You have to sign into to YouTube to view it)


Celebrities are just like us!


Matt saw Adrian Grenier from Entourage twice in one week

Mike got “vibed” by Mimi Rogers (but not really)

She’s got Scientology eyes!

Jimmy is still disappointed that Mike and Matt weren’t as mad about class rings as him


Matt removes his ring! (And puts it back on.)


Onnnn the podcast!