Episode 18 – Birthdays, Haircuts, MySpace, and Ellis Paul

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Show notes by Darryl Asher (09/04/15)


Annoying sportscaster voice

Thanks to Matt for “Pieces of Pardo”

Listener feedback for Pieces of Pardo: Matt sounded like he was leaving an answering machine message

Mike is well-rested, but had no clue Pieces of Pardo was being done

Jimmy and Matt exchanged 17 emails to prep for Episode 17

The only image I could find online. It resides on their defunct MySpace page.

The only image I could find online. It resides on their defunct MySpace page.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Never Not Funny is now part of the Handheld Comedy Network!

Jimmy just turned 40! (FOR REAL! Not fake forty.)

Mike: It’s about time people start dying!

Mike has the ages of too many elderly actors


Mike got “The Best of Iron Maiden.” Matt wants to know if it’s a cassingle. (POW!)

Jimmy: You know whose dojo you are in?


Run to the Hills

The number of the beast is a HUMAN number!!! They discuss what that means.

(It’s just means it’s the number of a man, as different Bible versions word it. -Darryl, who spent too long as a Christian zealot studying end-times prophecy)

Matt: You’re saying that’s not scary to a little kid?!

It was an ironic song. Matt is sorry he missed the subtle irony at 10 years old

Irony Maiden! How has that not been done before?

Duran Duran’s Wild Boys song scared Matt as a kid


Favorite Duran Duran songs?

Jimmy goes Reflex then Wild Boys

Jimmy brought a picture of Simon LeBon to get his hair cut the same way

Matt and Mike call Jimmy out for repeating his hair story

Matt’s fave Duran Duran song: Girls on Film

They try to remember the lyrics to Girls on Film, which foreshadows the need for live internet access and an intern

“Girls on film; Two minutes later” ????

Jimmy is correct, according to azlyrics.com. “Girls on film (two minutes later), girls on film / Girls on film (got your picture), girls on film” -Darryl

Mike writes and announces a show called Starface, Danielle writes for it. Hosted by Danny Bonaduce
The ticket page is still up, as of 09/04/15

Jimmy wants to know Mike’s opinion about “double dippers” who are singers who also act

Matt’s opinion about Harry Connick, Jr.

Matt defends Harry against the onslaught of negativity from Mike and Jimmy


Mike give David Bowie a pass for his acting career

Jimmy: “Matt, you seem to like pussy music…”

Matt: “Really? From the biggest Chicago fan in the world?”

Jimmy is obsessed with Gino Vannelli, but Matt has no clue who he is

Jimmy hates John Mayer, but loves the John Mayer Trio


Fast forward to 2014. Jimmy and Ellis have been buds for a while!

Fast forward to 2014. Jimmy and Ellis have been buds for a while!

Possible first mention of Ellis Paul

Mike wants to know if Jimmy would sit in on guitar with Ellis Paul

Jimmy: “Do you think Ellis would be friends with me?”

Jimmy would love to hang out with Ellis Paul

Jimmy teared up when he met Ellis Paul

This should be the Birthday Show because all three had birthdays within a few days of each other Matt just turned 31, Mike turned 39


Matt informs us that MySpace informs you of your friends’ birthdays

Jimmy says MySpace did not alert people about his birthday; maybe because he’s 40

Matt can’t believe how popular MySpace is, being so slow and glitchy

Jimmy asks Matt to predict when MySpace will die

Matt is surprised MySpace is still around, since Friendster only lasted a year

Jimmy hates everything about MySpace

Matt thinks the comedy section is good lets you put up videos, but it’s ugly

Jimmy thinks entertainers should respect themselves and use their own webpages instead a free thing

Jimmy’s webmaster Ken has been doing jimmypardo.com for seven years


Jimmy gives Mike and Matt birthday cards.

Mike gets a gift certificate for a haircut, signed by America’s Hair Dad, Jimmy Pardo

Matt give Jimmy a gift in a gray plastic bag: It a hat embroidered with “America’s Hair Dad.”

There’s a photo of the hat somewhere, but I can’t find it! -Darryl

Matt gives Mike a gift: Gillette Fusion refills

Jimmy’s gift for Matt: Gift certificate for a hair cut as well


Overthinking gift wrapping

The hair cut certificates are for Rudy’s on Melrose

Rock Star Supernova talk

Mike on Starface
Matt’s podcast AST Radio features an interview with Patton Oswalt
We are now part of Hand Held Comedy

Onnnnn the podcast