Episode 17 – Pieces of Pardo: The Clip Show

pieces of pardo copyShow notes by Darryl Asher (09/03/15)

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Matt: Hello everybody and indeed welcome to Never Not Funny.

Jimmy is in Lake Tahoe; no time to record, so Matt is at his own dining room table all alone, instead of with Jimmy at Mike at Jimmy’s dining room table

Clips from the “lost episodes” 1 & 2

Matt makes sure you know the title “Pieces of Pardo” was JIMMY’s idea

Matt explains the origin of Never Not Funny


Jimmy lives near a high school full of hot latin teenagers

Jimmy compares this to Hitchcock’s Rear Window


Movie star and dicey

Mike reminds Jimmy of when he visited Guitar Center while Terry Bozzio was loudly
giving a drum clinic

Matt the Producer flexes his Producer muscle to keep the story and sound levels on

Jimmy reads fanclub@jimmypardo.com email


Jimmy gets email when he shows up on TV; he was just on The Surreal Life

Email from Caroline ROberts: she is not a fan and put way too much effort into
letting Jimmy know


Caroline says Jimmy’s jokes are “tired and stale”

Joe Rogan defends himself against a non-fan

Little Head Harrison

Matt has a great sword metaphor



(Pat was going to be the guest for Ep 2, but couldn’t make it, so Mike came back, and
they decided to keep Mike as “permanent” guest.)

Nasally and congested

Nasally and congested

Jimmy talks about being sick

Jimmy talks about wearing an anti-germ mask on an airplane

Mike calls Pat Francis “Pittsburgh Pat”

The Scud Stud Arthur Kent


Dan Aykroyd is on Mike’s wife’s “list”?

Brittany Spears in Crossroads

Mike and Jimmy like to give celebrities nicknames when seeing them in public

Jimmy: “What does Al Thicke think about it?”

Mike: “A.T. what’s shaking baby?”

Blown off by Ron Silver

Jimmy got Roger Ebert to talk on his phone


Origin story of Matt’s insane crush on Paula Abdul

250 pictures of Paula Abdul on 16 year old Matt’s bedroom wall

Matt cut himself into a photo in place of MC Skat Kat

Matt’s shortness or averageness

ShortSupport.com was a website (???)

Mike talks about losing weight (180 pounds!)

Hurley on Lost

Matt’s present list might include Evangeline Lilly “I’m not saying I want to do
improv with her!”

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