Episode 16 – Henna Tats and Aura Candles with Graham Elwood

Gram Elwood on Strip Poker

Gram Elwood on Strip Poker

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Notes by Darryl Asher


Graham Elwood immediately starts “stupid cackling” at Jimmy’s intro

Host of Strip Poker. Host of Cram. Graham Elwood.

The Former Third Baseman Michael Glenn Schmidt

Graham is wearing jeans and hemp skateboard shoes with a black tee shirt

Schmidt is in a Gandolfini shirt

Matthew is in a green shirt with black slacks

Graham also has a henna tattoo, and knows Jimmy will punch him in the throat for having it

Mike describes the tattoo

(A little taste of Strip Poker:)


Jimmy does a killer Graham impression, by accident

“Are you giving me the high hat, Shooter?”

“Fob” is always funny

Graham’s story about getting the henna tattoo on Venice Beach

Jimmy says they do Claymation for each episode

Graham describes the wingnut artists, musicians, and psychics on the Venice Boardwalk

Graham once bought torn cardboard poetry from a homeless guy


Graham explains the eight dollar henna process

Graham is a sucker for any salesman

Graham’s horrible foreign accent

“You want henna tattoo for you and your lady?”


Graham and his “lady” ended up with henna tattoos and matching Om necklaces

Game Show Network gave Graham and Jimmy “gentlemen’s chests” as birthday gifts (Jimmy: July 28, Graham, August 5)


Jimmy returns the Coach wallet they gave him in exchange for belts

Graham could be one of the Venice Beach vendors

Matt is The Producer as well as The Equipper


Graham paid for a psychic on Venice Beach

Graham believes that some people have psychic abilities, and that some are scams

Jimmy: “I don’t trust some jackass in a folding chair and a card table!”

Graham knows he got taken for forty bucks and got talked into an aura candle

The worst part of buying an aura candle is that you don’t even get to keep it


Jimmy excuses this behavior with the placebo effect

Mike and Jimmy grill Graham about his experiences with psychics

Graham insists that a psychic knew specific things about his childhood that no one else could know

Graham is vegetarian, but eats fish once or twice a year


Jimmy goads Graham into telling his fountain purchasing story

Graham barters with the Asian fountain seller

Asian seller: “Ahhhhh MAGIC!”


Jimmy wants details about Graham’s date

Matt’s sister’s college roomate did a psychic reading long distance for Matt’s dog


You guys remember Power Stapler?

More about Matt’s dog’s psychic reading

I had a horse, I took it to the championships or something. Great story.

Here's one of her books

Here’s one of her books

She’s a published author – name withheld to avoid Google


Jimmy and Danielle went to a mixed religion wedding

Back to the beach

Graham talks about learing to surf

Jimmy and Graham went boogie boarding together

Graham didn’t realize he was caught in a riptide and got picked up by an El Camino style lifeguard boat


When that happens, swim parallel to the shore, midwesterners!

Plugs: GrahamElwood.com or MY SPACE. 400 friends!

Graham’s movie is coming out: Laffghanistan!

Matt runs AST and produces See You Next Tuesday

Graham will be at a pot-centric show at the Improv, even though he doesn’t partake