Episode 10 – Ghosts, Sports, Wheels Belknap, and Matt’s First Time

Billy Mumy on The Twilight Zone wishing someone to the cornfield

Billy Mumy on The Twilight Zone wishing someone to the cornfield

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Season 1 Episode 10

June 9, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


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South of Movie Star, north of Dicey

Jimmy hallucinated a kid walking a dog

Mike Schmidt breaks out a Billy Mumy Twilight Zone reference

Jimmy may have seen a ghost-truck at Chicago’s Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, supposedly haunted

Image from: http://www.paranormalexp.com/

Image from: http://www.paranormalexp.com/


Mike’s mom swears she saw a ghost while Mike was sleeping

Jimmy: “I got Ghostbuster all over this!”

Spoiler: Mike’s mom was probably high

Mike’s once came home to a house full of TVs and microwaves

This was about 1977 when (according to Matt): “Your mom was still living off of her cut of the Lufthansa heist.”

[Editorial note from Darryl: I’ve said it before, and this is a good spot to go on record once again. Jimmy’s references to “Season One Belknap” notwithstanding, the “Clunky Season One Matt Belknap” is a myth! Matt has always been extremely sharp and funny, and the Lufthansa heist reference is a prime example.]

Mike’s mom told him to stay out of her “special” shoebox


Foursquare talk, the playground game, not the app that was not yet invented

Jimmy’s mispronunciation of “Bombardment” caused Mike to ask him “Who is Bob Bardament?”

Jimmy runs from the table to avoid spit-taking on his own podcast

Matt explains the rules of Foursquare

Comedians vs. real estate agents softball and kickball

Maybe Foursquare is next

Jimmy is NOT YET 40!


Jimmy was a standout player in game 1 of Comedians’ Softball… not so in game 2

Jimmy pulled both quads on an outfield play

Five years later, quads are still not healed

Five years later, quads are still not healed

Mike Brennan seems to be involved in too many injury plays


Mike got 17 mouth-stitches due to softball

Mike performed with stitches in Jimmy’s one-man show “Attention Must Be Paid” (Yes, there was more than one man in Jimmy’s one-man show)

Matt was a terrible baseball player in high school but was fast and played soccer

Matt’s speed got him the nickname “Wheels”

Jimmy: Wheels Belknap, huh?

Matt’s nearly heroic deep outfield catch turns into busted-nose tragedy


Matt used the word “fuck” in this painful story more than any other time in his life

Matt was pissed that his advisor made a viginity joke at Matt’s expense, when Matt was not a virgin

The guys are surprised that Matt was sexually active in high school


Mike had archery in gym class with a kid named Fong

“Fong, whattya doin’ you’re gonna wind up like Sadat!”

The guys want to hear the details of Matt’s first time

Matt is cringing at the thought of his wife hearing him tell this story on the podcast


You’ll have to listen to episode to hear the details, you dirty minded people



Matt put a futon in his closet dorm room

We are at high numbers in iTunes!

Jimmy: Hopefully this will pay off and we’ll end up doing this bigger than out of the dining room

Mike: Maybe doing this twice a week!

Matt: Onnnnn the podcast