Episode 9 – Listener E-mails, A Fax Machine for the Gardener, and a Kiss from Tiffany

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Show notes by Darryl Asher

Episode 9

June 6, 2006


Recorded after Memorial Day

Jimmy wants everyone to stay sharp today, and also has some mysterious info about this episode which he does not want revealed

Stuffed up from cleaning the dusty garage

Stuffed up from cleaning the dusty garage

Two year wedding anniversary celebration: cleaning the garage

Inexplicably sunburned while inside the garage

Inexplicably sunburned while inside the garage

Mike: Jimmy has the immune system of a sparrow

You remember Jar of Rubella…


Jimmy’s garage was a scene from Arachnophobia

faxJimmy gave his gardener a fax machine

Matt makes it clear that his role is to apologize and explain that Jimmy’s racist jokes are JUST JOKES

Doing impressions of famous people is really just doing impressions of other comedians doing impressions of famous people

Rich Little on the Steve and Gary show

Rich Little always sounds like John Wayne doing impressions


Back to talking about giving a fax machine to the gardener

Matt is annoyed because he needs a fax machine, once a year

Fax machines are old technology, expect to Spiffy Lawn

You remember Rakes and Blowers…

70.6 degrees, nearly perfect for comedy


The many moves of Tony Boswell, who only lives in places that start with “Ch”

Jimmy is a bad homeowner when it comes to outside stuff

Jimmy doesn’t know how he killed the tree in his yard


A 16 year old fan made a “Pac Man Jimmy” image; thanks to him, even though Jimmy can’t remember his name

E-mails from fans:

The Moser, fresh outta jail, is working on a cover for the non-existent Rainbow Bridge album

John Rabone loves the podcast

Mike Green waits for the podcast as if it was an episode of Sopranos


Mike Green is reminded that as a kid he put a cinder block in a paper bag in the middle of the street

Eric Munn heard of NFF through The Sound of Young America and laughs out loud in public while listening

Jimmy effed up on his Pompous Clown CD giveaway by not giving an email address, but gave out CDs anyway to people who tracked down the address

A new CD giveaway: Pompous Clown 2 (or ay-ay) to the first 5 (the nickel!)

Jimmy played chess, one night in Bangcok


Last week, Jimmy was glad to get fan mail from Poland, this week a Polish listener sends an email with the subject line “No more”

He was offeneded by the Polish “recipe for ice” joke

Matt’s wife is 3/4 Polish


Matt is the Never Not Funny apologist, who should follow Jimmy and Mike around to clean up thier mess

Mike makes a great John Candy face

A lengthy letter from Paul Wilson

Matt outs Zach Galifanakis’s penchant for not including subjects in e-mail

The guys do an imitation of Phil Hartman doing an imitation of Ed McMahon


Paul Wilson’s email starts with “Hey dude!”

Jimmy mocks the listener

Ed_GrimleyPaul has a few problems with the podcast, especially with the volume level, but then again maybe not, Ed Grimley style

The guys decide that Matt needs to work on the levels

Paul complains about their time limit, with multiple F-words

One day, they might finish the gym story

A spinoff to NNF: Never Not Gym Story


They guys are offended that Paul suggests that they talked about Abba

Jimmy got kissed by Tiffany when driving her, then hugged by her at Poplar Creek in Chicago


Opening montage quote: “I don’t know how to get home, I just said I did!”

Jimmy was having pasta salad backstage while New Kids on the Block opened the show for Tiffany

bullet“Mark my words, they’ll never make it!”

Back to Paul’s email: an itemized list of what he hates about the podcast, and asks Jimmy for a good comedy club in northeast Ohio


Another of Paul’s complaints about Never Not Funny: It’s a great podcast! Please come to northeast Ohio!

Thanks for your letter, Paul, I guess

Mike got emails from people who love watching the Magic Bullet show


The Magic Bullet show is not Medium, unless there’s a ghost of delicious drinks

Onnnn the podcast!