Episode 11 – BB Guns, BJ & Dirty Dragon, and The Producer

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Season 1 Episode 11

bbgunJune 16, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


The runaway hit podcast Never Not Funny

A stop-motion animation podcast is just ahead of them in iTunes

Never Not Funny is #16

Matt runs the boards and also participates verbally

Mike thinks “The Producer” would be a terrible nickname for Matt, but changes his mind

Matt’s new nickname is now officially The Producer

Gross Point Blank’s weapons cache

Jimmy explains the podcast to the new listeners

“Thank you again for diggin’ us!”

You remember Monkey with a Hairbrush…

bananasplitsJimmy recaps his banana allergy story from an earlier episode


Jimmy keeps his temple clean and healthy but doesn’t like his wife’s choice of vegetarian groceries

Mike remembers The Banana Splits

Jimmy explains his weird habit of delaying going to the bathroom until after other tasks when getting home

Mike corrects his earlier list of Banana Splits characters

Jimmy’s dad took him to see The Banana Splits at Toys R Us and also BJ and Dirty Dragon


BJ drew portraits of kids based on their favorite numbers

BJ hit on Jimmy’s dad (allegedly… maybe Dad misunderstood)

bjAre all kids performers potential creeps?

Father Bill, a neighborhood priest, made sandwiches for Mike


Mike “booped” the top of a one-year-old’s head at a grocery store and yelled at (“blow dried”) by the mom

Parents have to assume everyone is a perv

Halloween isn’t what it used to be; kids don’t come to the houses anymore


Old Chicago: The Smell of Fear

Old Chicago: The Smell of Fear

Back to Jimmy’s banana story: he stupidly ate a banana Danielle bought and sure enough his throat swelled shut

Jimmy realizes he doesn’t even like the taste of bananas

Mike doesn’t like watermelon, but Matt like spitting the seeds at people, hillbilly style

Mike and his 3 brothers had a domino fight in their apartment

Result: a thousand domino pock-marks in the wall


Mike had to confess to his mom that he talked about her drug use on the podcast; she didn’t care

Mike has a history of spoiling movies and TV shows, but we’ll talk about it next week

Mike had BB gun fights in his neighborhood

10 year old Mike had to blame “two black guys” for shattering the storm door glass



A young Vito Corleone (Robert DeNiro) uses a towel as a silencer in The Godfather Part II

Jimmy and his brother and step-brother-cousin and friends bought guns at Ford City Mall that shot little yellow plastic BBs and shot strangers from the guns hidden in paper bags; they got caught

Matt and Mike compare the gun-in-bag scenario to the gun-in-burning-towel scene in The Godfather (actually The Godfather II)

Mike and friends walked to Old Chicago indoor amusement park

Indoor amusement park: the smell of fear


When Mike’s mom throws books and clothes for ditching school, better to be hit by the clothes

Mike has his walking pneumonia with a side of steak, and Lenny gets a spatula upside the head

16 year old Jimmy smashed the car into their own garage; his solution: go to sleep


Matt brings it back to Jimmy’s second promised BB gun story

Jimmy takes offense at Matt calling Rainbow Bridge “a shit band”

Paul Boyev and Jimmy shoot up an abandoned house in the darkness with BB guns

Turns out the abandoned house was not so abandoned


Jimmy still feels bad about shooting up a stranger’s house and cars

Jimmy does a hillbilly impression which may the forerunner to Cajun Jimmy

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Zero emails for Matt

Onnnn the podcast