Episode 14 – Matt, Mike, and Robin Williams

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Episode 14

Released July 7, 2006


stoogesFourth of July celebration time

Matt’s wearing green, Mike Schmidt is wearing Gandolfino black

Fat guys’ personalities are all in their shits

What idiot buys the team pennant shirt? Maybe Matt, it turns out.

Jimmy’s most uncomfortable necktie story

Jimmy used to be a fat, drunk, mess

Jimmy weighs about 136 today

Jimmy’s dad thinks he needs a wacky tie, because, you know, comedian

Lots of “tie humor” puns. Make up your own!


Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam

Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam

Mike’s sweet sports swag contest winning

Good Morning Viet Nam with Robin Williams, whom, coincidentally Matt and Mike just met

Is Mike too old for a sports team jersey?

Mike is almost fired, but that won’t happen for a little while


“Speaking of license plates” Jimmy’s personalized plate: PGA99

Is Mike too old for a sports team windbreaker?

Matt has a Laker’s raincoat which seems to bring uneccesary derision from Jimmy and Mike

Alternative to a raincoat: “Bust out the umbrella”


Mike’s intimidating leather jacket

Reigning it back in: Matt and Mike met Robin Williams

Robin has been showing up at the UCB in Hollywood lately

Matt books the See You Next Tuesday show at UCB, and Robin Williams dropped in perform


Mike was on the same bill as Robin

Robin Williams, Matt Belknap, Mike Schmidt at UCB in Hollywood

Robin Williams, Matt Belknap, Mike Schmidt at UCB in Hollywood

Where to put Robin on the bill? It’s a hard decision.

Robin was super nice and did not want to disrupt the show order

See You Next Tuesday screws to a young demographic, which may not appreciate Robin Williams

Robin was the first comedian Matt saw live, as a child


Matt and Mike pose for a picture with Robin

Mike and Robin share some humorous small talk

Robin is a fast-thinking, in-the-moment GENIUS, much like Jimmy

Matt is more interested in watching Robin respond to show-host Anthony Jesselnik than listening to Anthony’s set


Jimmy wants it to be very clear that Matt is a producer, not a comic

Robin’s set was what you would expect, and a lot of the hipsters seemed unimpressed

Robin went after the sourpusses, which Matt loved

Is Mike nervous about following Robin?

Mike says about a third of the crowd were stone-faced

Robin did 20 minutes (even though he got The Light at 10)

Mike started with a dis-joke of Robin Williams, but made clear he was just joking


Robin hung out, and Mike got to hear him laugh at his set

Robin sat in the front row after a while, and Lance Armstrong joined him for a while

Jimmy’s brain and mouth don’t work right now

Lance Armstrong set up a chair in the hallway, and was texting on his Treo

Jimmy calls Lance a cheat several times – CONFIRMED circa 2014

Matt was impressed that Robin hung out for the whole show and chatted with people for 20 minutes after


Jimmy goes to every show at UCB! (As long as he is performing in the show)

No stone-faced hipsters at Jimmy’s UCB shows

BJ Porter recorded Robin (and Mike’s) set – there’s audio out there somewhere! Matt says Robin’s set is somewhere on aspecialthing.com

Matt ends the show calling the haters “douche bags.”

Jimmy STILL can’t talk properly

Mike strikes Matt as a “dot net” kinda guy

Onnnnnn the podcast!