Episode 15 – America’s Hair Dad, Shirt Technology, and Dental Floss Tumbleweeds

Long before he was America's Escape Room Dad, he was America's Hair Dad

Long before he was America’s Escape Room Dad, he was America’s Hair Dad

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Show notes by Darryl Asher


Welcome to Never Not Funny, The Pardcast. I am Jimmy Pardo, your friend from the World Wide Web

Schmidt is in a Harlem Globetrotter’s Shirt, although he disagrees

Welcome Matt, we call him The Producer

Matt is wearing a Dri-Fit, which works but only psychologically

It’s all about wicking!

Let’s talk about Matt’s haircut, and Jimmy thinks Mike should get one

Jimmy says he is America’s Hair Dad

Hair = Neopolitan Ice Cream

Mike defends his hair, possibly too much


Matt wrote down “America’s Hair Dad” at Jimmy’s request

It’s HOT is Los Angeles

The guys live in the Never Not Funny clubhouse, with a fire pole

Jimmy’s house gets no breeze

Jimmy: “I accept your flaws, why don’t you accept mine?”


The-Fresh-Prince-LP-Hes-the-DJ-Im-the-RapperJimmy suggests they cut Mike’s hair on-air, and Matt says he can do it

Matt defends his bike-helmet hair

Matt cut friends’ hair in high school, including carving designs

He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper


Jimmy says you can hear him talk about self-hair-cutting on his album Uno

Jimmy knows Mike is anti-histamine

Shaving in the shower, yes ot no?

Jimmy gets beard shadow quickly

Matt and wife were upset that he created the image of himself nude in a previous episode

Mike bought the 5 blade Fusion razor


OTHER uses of the vibrating razor and toothbrush

Anal bananas

nutbarJimmy takes a bold stand: Enough with the barbershops already!

Matt suggests inviting people to the show to get a haircut

Jimmy’s wife sheds like a kitty cat; Mike’s wife sheds used dental floss


The dental floss issue has been ongoing for seven years

Jimmy scolds Matt for not yes-anding

Jimmy: “I’m not a complete nut bar!”

The arrogance and awkwardness of getting your shoes shined


Jimmy’s awkward Boston haircut

Mike found a nice local place for a shave


Details of Mike’s straight razor shave

Cologne talk

Jimmy’s shave routine: shave… Brut aftershave… walk around house… shower… more Brut aftershave

brutBrut is the only aftershave Jimmy is not allergic to


Mike’s mom will not use round ice!

This is a show for MEN! And women.

Jimmy loves getting the fan emails from around the world

Nathan Smart sent an email with an acapella version of the NNF theme song, which closes the show