Episode 13 – Mostly About Music and Concerts

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NNF Season 1 Episode 13

June 30, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Lucky 13!

You recognize my name from television, radio, and mostly from this podcast

The first night-time taping, but 92 degrees

Mike is in a Tony Soprano shirt

Matt’s Rising Sun $5 faux retro tee shirt from Target causes Mike to accuse him of hipsterism

Matt defends his North Face breathable cargo pants

Jimmy is in a KISS Rock and Roll Over tee shirt

Jimmy and Mike talk about seeing KISS in concert


Jimmy just bought the least used guitar in history at Guitar Center

Jimmy saw Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick at Guitar Center; Pat Francis didn’t care

Billy Corgan picked up Nielson in his car outside of Guitar Center

Mike Schmidt has been working on the X-Box game Saint’s Row as a writer

More KISS concert talk


Pat Francis got them into the sky box at Dodger Stadium for the concert, probably illegally

Jimmy does a Starchild impression

Mike talks about Paul Stanley getting stuck on a tow line over the crowd during Love Gun

Gene Simmons is a 55 year old Jewish man

Roadies had to rescue Paul Stanley with a ladder

Who likes a bass solo? The bassist


Michael Anthony’s whiskey-shaped bass solo

Gene Simmons God of Thunder flying leaves him dangling a few feet off the stage

“The Demon needs an apple box!”

Mike Siegel got Jimmy and Mike backstage passes, but Gene wasn’t happy so, so meet and greet!


First mention of Paul Anka’s “The guys get shirts!” recording, also mentions of Winnebego guy and Buddy Rich

When Jimmy worked for MCA Records, he overheard Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons screaming at the roadies

Jimmy met Meat Loaf backstage using his MCA Records credentials

Supergroup Savage Animal!

Matt’s first concert: Stevie Wonder 1984

I Just Called to Say I Love You is a good song

New name for the podcast: Nostalgia Destroys Everything


Matt loved Steve Wonder on the Cosby Show

Mike confused that with the What’s Happenin’ Doobie Brothers episode

Mike’s first concert: REO SPeedwagon and 38 Special

Jimmy’s first concert: KISS on Dynasty Tour with his mom in 1979

Opening act: Judas Priest

Mike saw the new INXS in concert


Mike doesn’t want to put up Christmas lights

Matt likes the giant inflatable snow globe

You remember Faux Globe…

The Latchkey Kids is a great name for a boy band

TV show Rock Star: INXS

Will Rock Star: Supernova be any good?


Matt and Jimmy let Mike hang himself with his gripping “I like cover tunes” story

The new INXS is great


Jimmy almost saw Wolfmother, but thinks they will be a one-hit-wonder; Matt hopes they are HUGE in two years

Is Coldplay really a big band?

Mike likes to make movies and concerts a group event, Jimmy likes going alone

Jimmy saw The Killers by himself

Storytellers and Unplugged

LL Cool J’s real name: James Todd Smith


LL Cool J is not tough enough to be a gangsta

The concert tee shirt Jimmy likes always ends up being the babydoll tee

The men’s shirts are busy and un-wearable


The $5 bootleg tee shirt is Jimmy’s favorite

Tommy Lee’s horrible drum solo and over-use of the F word


Matt sees the White Stripes every time they come, and defends himself ably against Mike and Jimmy’s hipster allegations

Matt’s current favorite is White Stripes, but of all time: Beastie Boys

Jimmy’s friend lost his girlfriend to a Beastie Boy, at least for a night

Concert talk was fun!

Fan art is coming in!

Onnn the podcast!