1315 – Greg Proops Did Not Shoot Andy Warhol

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

NNF 1315 – Greg Proops



Podcast: The Smartest Man In The World – http://smartest.libsyn.com/

00 – Indeed welcome!  Episode 1315 with a late start!  A little tech trouble.  Jimmy had a contractor come over but ended up with a lot of time on his hands but then lost track of it so he left a little late.  Hit some traffic.  Sprettzatura reference in the flesh!  Jimmy is wearing the Paul Young t-shirt he has been looking for for years.   Shrunk it down a bit!  He went hot hot.  FYI Paul Young: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Young

Paul Boyev may have taken to an elbow to the eye at the Replacements show mosh pit.   Jimmy, as a pussy, stayed in the back.  Jimmy is trying to be calmer but Eliot is not helping matters.   If Jimmy had an old school NNF mic Eliot would be picking foam out of his teeth.

05 – Jimmy admits that his mic toss was a warning shot.   Jimmy got mail for a James Pado on 3507 Enke Place which appears to be in Russia.  Jimmy opens it and it is actually for him!   So much for that bit.   Legit receipt for asbestos removal.  Actually, that language I saw was Hungarian.     When he installed his AC the guys discovered the original people did not replace all of the ducts and left asbestos!  There was pedal discussion!

10 – Eliot is driving Jimmy INSANE today.  The king is speaking!  Jimmy’s chair is the THRONE of this room.  He is THE KING.  No zero carb half/half for Jimmy today.   He’s amped up on the sugar from the low carb Arnold Palmer.  Smooth sailing baby, smooth sip!

Greg Proops is here today!

I’m back!

15 – Jimmy’s mad at the world today.  Greg is one of Jimmy’s favorite people in the world.  If he can’t turn Jimmy’s mood around today, we’re all fucked.  We’re gonna keep the top of the show tight today.  Jimmy took a nap after he crashed his car when he was a kid.   Paul Young was not involved he was doing something related to songs he sings.  Jimmy sighs.  Greg came up at a wedding Jimmy was at (Danielle Fishel), all positive!  Rider Strong also got married this weekend.

We’ll be back!!

We’re back!  Jimmy’s in a great mood we all know.

20 – They Live!  http://www.popculturebeast.com/2013/10/31-days-of-scream-o-ween-they-live.html

Rowdy Roddy Piper’s podcast is called The Rod Pod.  http://toadhopnetwork.com/f/RodPod

25 – Sinead O’Connor was crazy.  Jimmy and Greg discuss her letter to Miley and Miley’s reaction.   Jimmy sings Nothing Compares To You.   Greg says Fiona Apple is a “Love shack.”  Discussing Avril Lavigne.  Jimmy is anti 8 in sk8erboy.  But likes the 2 in nothing compares 2 u.   Greg and Jimmy briefly sing Fly by Sugar Ray and discuss him stealing game show jobs.   Mark McGrath.

30 – Daniel Day-Lewis’ middle name(s) are Michael Blake.  Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis.  Apparently Paul Young doesn’t have a voice any longer.  Jimmy thinks he is ripping people off.  Jimmy and Greg sing his songs!  Eliot is here and he’s fine.   David Lee Roth’s podcast is called The Roth Show.  http://www.therothshowrss.com/

Van Halen’s latest album was called A Different Kind of Truth.    Jimmy talks about how Roth was acting out sweeping while Eddie was doing a solo at the concert.

35 – Greg’s podcast is called The Smartest Man in the World.  Get it here:  http://smartest.libsyn.com/.  He likes to do the show with a live audience so he can get questions.  Someone asked him what his all time Roman Empire baseball team would be.  This lead to being asked women, Canadian, presidents, supreme court, CURRENT supreme ct, baseball teams.  Scalia is far right!   Jimmy opened his caroline’s appearance in 92 with a Clarence Thomas joke.   Rich Jeni was the host for both Jimmy and Greg’s appearances.

40 – Jimmy thinks his mom still has the appearance on VHS.  Greg has a closet full of tapes.  Greg talks about a screaming match between Johnny Steel and audience members who “took umbrage” at a joke he made about a plane crash that their son happened to be in.   They discuss old comedians bits ie Rick Rockwell shellacking his dick to fight aids.   Greg talks about a sketch they used to do where they get a girlf rom the audience and dance with her before starting to violate her with the dance.  Matt says Night at the Roxbury may have stolen that.

45 – Brain Donors (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103872/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) stars John Turturro, Bob Nelson, and Mel Smith and is essentially a Marx Bros. movie.   Apparently Brain Donors is based on A Night at the Opera.  Jimmy’s review of The Three Stooges, “I laughed.”  Will Sasso as curly, “Don’t do it, there’s talk of pizza later!”

50 –  Chris Diamantopoulos played Moe in Stooges.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0224565/?ref_=tt_cl_t3

Greg impersonates a Comic.  I missed the name sorry!  Greg loves the term “New Math.”  Jimmy got into a fight with someone (of authority apparently) about Math.  He said jimmy’s do the math reference was hackey…but…there is legit math in the joke.  Matt asks if it is Bobby Collins ( he meant bobby slayton) Jimmy tells a Bobby Collins story where he heard his mom yell out “Does this guy do any other bits?” about his set on TV.   Jimmy says he has “George Hamilton head.”  http://bobbycollins.com/

55 – Greg wonders why all the podcasts in LA?  Where are the NY and UK comics?   He wonders why there aren’t any Chicago, Portland, Atlanta podcasts?   Keith and the Girl is out of NY.   Matt speculates that it might be because there is more stage time in NY than here in LA.

60 – Greg tells a story about having Jason Reitman as a guest on a live show he was on and they did not know who he was (visually at least).  Greg tells a story about going to a craig ferguson party and he got a little drunk.  He gets introduced to a big guy who turned out to be Michael Conenlly (author).   Greg didn’t catch his name and he got furious about it.  No one knows what Michael Connolly looks like!   No one really recognizes authors, unless they’re extremely famous.  Greg doesn’t think MIcahel recognized him either.  He rails off an AMAZING monologue of what Michael should have said to him when they met.

65 – Who has authors on anymore?  Charlie Rose?  Oprah on her daytime shows?  Jimmy says Conan occasionally does.   Oprah ruined the career of the author of A Million Little Pieces.  JT LeRoy was the made up author of a great book called The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JT_LeRoy.  Jimmy and Matt have both met Andy Warhol!  Jimmy got his autograph.

70 – Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Solanas.  I think Jimmy was referring to The Conjuring, not The Haunting (I hope.)  Greg saw a play with Parker Posey and Matthew Broderick and did not enjoy it.  Looks like it was called Taller Than A Dwarf.  Greg talks some about Whose Line.

75 – We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Ian McShane was not on whose line but he was in “Whose LIFE is it anyway?”  Apparently Jimmy played a lawyer in the high school play of this.   Greg did a play with Mike McShane called Beyond Detroit.  It was terrible.   The director came up to him opening night and got right in his face and told him, “DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!” They had a full house night one, night 2 had 12 people.  Night 3, 11 and 6 after intermission.

80 – Greg saw Tracy Ullman in a play about Errol Flynn being sued by a girl.   He said she was doing a limp and then forgot to do it at one point.  He wanted to leave.   He went to a bartender at intermission and said he said that this happens every night.   The play apparently was called The Big Love.

Jimmy thinks Bob Odenkirk is about to explode.

Matt and I admit to liking The Tracey Ullman show.  Jimmy realizes he was thinking of Tracey Takes On and not the Tracey Ullman Show.   Greg says there was a lot of racist humor on the Tracy Takes On show.

85 – Get some writers! Greg to Tracey Takes On.  Greg creates Proopaloop on the spot.  Lovable and Crime ridden.  Jimmy wants to drop his pants and masturbate everytime he crosses the street from parking lot into WB and he sees the Vampire Diaries billboard.  Matt offers $100 to Jimmy if he can name the star of The Vampire Diaries.     Nina Dobrev.   Discussion on Neve Campbell’s acting ticks.

90 – Here is Nina Dobrev:  http://www.hdwallpapersinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/194296-vampire-diares-nina-dobrev.jpg.

95 – Greg tells a story about a woman at a party who asked what he has been doing since whose line.  He almost said, “fucking your mother.  She’s so fat because I give her a cookie after we’re done.”  He wanted to scissor kick her and ask if she watches anything else after channel 4.    Jimmy asks, in fairness, what has he been doing.  Greg said he started a podcast called “The Smugest Man in the World.”  Greg said that women was a poisonous vindictive lizard slut.   Jimmy out of Chipotle, he got sick last time.   Matt says they’ve started doing some weird chant stuff, “Every day Chipotle day!”  Knock it off!  Chipotle uses Dark Meat Only!

100 – Did jimmy see Chicago is playing with notre dame marching band.  Apparently they do it every year.  Chicago chat!   Greg was going to have a special released via chill.com but they went out of business on Friday so…not sure where it will be released just yet. “This is a new model.”

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