Pardcastathon 2013

A few random notes and links from Garon Cockrell

Fans walk out on Paul Young 

Billy Joel meltdown

Patton’s Oswalt: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

Patton’s new special debuts on Epix. Tragedy + Comedy = Time starts on Friday January 17!

Jack Wagner Golf Charity event April 14th! 

Bob Odenkirk discussed the Johnny Cash book: The Life 

Bruce Dern’s book: Things I’ve Said, But Probably Shouldn’t Have: An Unrepentant Memoir 

Andrew Dice Clay on Aresenio

Carolyn Hennesy’s radio show is called Animal Magnetism

Here is Norah Jones singing with the Reigning Monarchs! 

Sansabelt (Wikipedia)

Friday, 12/6 on Epix The Improv: 50 years Behind the Brick Wall!

Janet Varney’s podcast: The JV Club! 

LaBianca House info