1320 – Pitching In with Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm (Bigass boots not shown)

Jon Hamm (Bigass boots not shown)

NNF 1320 – Jon Hamm

00 – Hello Jimmy is Under the Weather!  He is a doctor of comedy but not a physician.  He has sinusitis and might cut this short a bit.  Didn’t wanna cancel due to pardcastathon. We’re gonna muscle through it guys!   Jimmy says to check out the new “buds” movie:  Earbuds!  Jimmy sounds like Old Man Jimmy or Smoker Jimmy.  Earbuddies taking over KROQ.  Jimmy hates the term sick puppy.  Jimmy starts the clock late.    Another rare night record guys.   Jimmy lives in a Negro neighborhood Eliot in the bad (ish) part of Culver.   Remember Muffled Echo?  Jimmy saw them at Coachella.  Sidestage.  Truly not a bad name for a band.  Eliot confirms he lives in Palms.   Air Dry is Matt’s favorite airbud movie.  Jimmy shuts him down and calls him nicest guy around for yes anding Eliot’s shoe jokes.

05 – Babs’ Back to Brooklyn cover art is terrible.  Horrible photoshop.  Nice cleavage though apparently.   Jimmy goes through the track listing.   He thinks the setlist sucks.   Jimmy had to convince Danielle to go see the show here in LA.   Set list sucked at that show also.   Cyndi Lauper keeps her breasts intact.  Perhaps with an ace bandage?  Matt recounts seeing Hilary Swank at Astro Burger.  Apparently, Ron Howard went to Mel’s Diner after he won his first Oscar.  Aunt Bee makes a terrific pie…

10 – Paddle or get off the bike! Apparently I have  Sean Cassidy hair!  Bill Cosby controversy?  Was it too safe?  Jimmy was gonna go see him in Cerritos but didn’t make it.  Strong legs Strong Back!

15 – Pardcastathon on Friday!!! Our guest is here!  Jon Hamm!  Strong legs strong back Midwestern stock!   We’ll be back!!!

We’re back!  Welcome back with Jimmy’s awful voice! Parachute pants for Jimmy’s Christmas gifts!   Jon got his from jeans west.  He sat on a radiator and they melted.  Jimmy had a red, blue, and a black possibly white.  The parachute pants are coming back.  Jon assures us that’s gonna happen.  Jimmy was early with the parachute pant, the jordache jean.  He’s a trendsetter.

Jimmy is constantly asked if Jon’s coming to pardcastathon and about last year.   Jon had surgery to remove polyps from his chord.  Back to back projects for 2 years injured his vocal chords.   No talking for 3 weeks afterwards.

20 – Busted Reed is Jon’s favorite saxophonist.  He’s all better guys.  He doesn’t want Jimmy to mess his voice.  Jimmy named his polyps Kevin Polyops.  Jon Hambone.  Catherine Hand.   Jimmy tells Jon his Earbuds idea.  Jon says to write it down and mail it to himself.   Jon describes Diedrich Bader as the taller French Stewart.   Under appreciated Office Space is now over appreciated.   Jimmy can’t be blamed if is he’s not as quick tonight.  Sinusitis!

Hello Eliot (Helliot!)!

25 – Jon wants some details on this year’s Pardcastathon.  Make up star power with tech stuff.  Chris Hardwick is a heckuva guy. We wish him luck with his 47 tv shows.  Chris Hardon.   Oliver is better at pitch baseball than t-ball.  Slow Pitch Golf with an armored pitcher.

Matt did  not play cricket or rugby but has worn a rugby shirt.

Jon is back shooting Mad Men already!  Final season, confirmed.  Breaking up into two parts.  Shooting episode 2 right now.  We cannot stray too far from a 7-11.

30 – Jimmy is off monster and is now addicted to the Arizona Teas.  He’s also off soda!  Mad Men season 7 is the last season.  By the end of everything it’ll be closer to 10 years.  One of the best shows in TV history per Jimmy, without hyperbole.   Press used to think MM was on A&E.   Jon points out how cable TV has grown so much since Mad Men.

Jon taught the creator of House of Cards back in St. Louis.

35 – If you are paying $80 a month for HBO you might be paying too much.   New networks creating original programming is opening doors for so many people.    Jimmy asks if mad men’s opening credits ever won an award.  It won an emmy!  Can only win in your first season!

40 – Jimmy has a ball gag order on him.   That’s the big ragu!   David Lander is a baseball scout.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lander.  He started with the Angels and now is with the Mariners.

Jon guessed closest on the time it took the monty python to sell out.  He gets the Barbra Streisand dvd.  Immediately comments on her rack.  “Rack city”  Jimmy says they got to Brooklyn before she did.

45 – Truly an awful cover.   The guys discuss how it would be if Barbra was a listener.  All doors should be pocket doors.  Jon prefers Jetsons to Flintstones.  Jimmy tells an Oliver story that I’m not sure how to note.  It’s boner related.  “It’s like that because it was full of pee dad.”   First year that Oliver appreciated the car show.  Jon recounts how he used to go to boat shows as a kid.

50 – John Schneider was Bo Duke.  Tom Wopat was Luke.  Jimmy got into an argument with Boss Hog (Sorrell Booke) because he wanted a real autograph instead of the preprinted ones he was handing out.

55 – John Anderson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Anderson_(musician).  Jimmy coughing like a fae/fop/like he has the consumption.  Jimmy’s fine we’ll go ahead and make out jokes.  Jimmy was jonesing for some Arizona and could not find it.  “Vanilla of course.”  Oliver on what kind of ice cream he wants.    Jimmy also a fan of the vanilla.  Matt wonders if its in the genes.   Jimmy says maybe it’s in the parachute pants.  Regrets it instantly.

60 – They left a cup of lemonade in one of the cars.  Oliver laughed about it.  Jimmy loves a churro with crème in the middle.    Jimmy says the Charro truck is really sad.  Matt says that the Churro truck is delicious.   Jon turns away at the idea of auntie annes and wetzels pretzels.  They’re gross. Jimmy and Matt enjoy them.  Matt does a regis/larry king impression.  Jon wants to new edition this throat.

We’ll be back!

We’re back with New Edition courtesy of Jon!  El Debarge was not in new edition.  He was in DeBarge, also in Janet Jackson.   Last Dragon (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089461/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm) executive produced by barry gordy.

65 – Childhood party options for the guys, bowling, roller skating, movies.   I think the closed roller rink is World on Wheels.

70 – Missed some of this movie chat looking for a roller rink but Jimmy enjoyed Water World.  Guys are talking Kevin Costner works.   Jon loves Field of Dreams.   Tells a great story of watching the movie and making him think of his dad.  He picked up the phone to call his sister and she was already on the line.  http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=roller+skating+rinks&find_loc=Los+Angeles%2C+CA Roller Rinks!

Shakes the Clown another overrated film.

John doesn’t like horror films. I forgive him for it.   Bobcat Goldthwait film about the dog is Sleeping Dogs Lie.  The Robin Williams film is World’s Greatest Dad.  Jon enjoyed an early bird in Montecito.  Watched SNL with family.  The Josh Hutcherson episode.  Juan Direction Hispanic fellow.

75 – menudo minutiae.   Why did anyone care about menudo.  They’re no longer recording btw.  2009 was the last active year of that band.  Ricky martin is not a good che in evita.  He’s too soft.  Evita was the first musical Jimmy ever saw.   Cannonball is by Supertramp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannonball_(Supertramp_song).

85 – Dupery is the act of duping or the condition of having been duped.  Jimmy saw dick van dyke in a car that was flying.    Oliver loves that movie (chitty chitty bang bang).

90 – Theme song chat!  Jon describes Mike Post as “Markie’s boy.”  Markie Post was NOT an OG on Nightcourt.  She started in season 3.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Court  LPGA talk.  Lori Garbacz unloaded stuff on to Jimmy.  Gave him gloves, golfballs, etc.  Jon was not expecting that story to go that way.

Lori Garbacz is a lesbian also she is not dead.

See you guys Friday!!!!!!!!  Pardcastathon!  Shopping is for the assholes.  Jon has the gold iphone 5s.

Jimmy tells a pat francis story where he got into a car accident and his aunt calls and recommends jacoby and Meyers.


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