Primo Bonus Episode: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF New Years!

00 – Hello! Happy new years! We’ll help you bring it in with a countdown later. Pat’s saying some kind of mahogany nonsense.
Matt’s the only one who has seen Anchorman 2. Not a good movie but good to watch Scenes is Pat’s description of Anchorman. Matt agrees that Anchorman 2 is the same thing. Jimmy can’t drink his lemonade again. Pat suggests his using his other hand. Doesn’t work. Pat soaks himself with water. On purpose guys.

05 – Johnny Slowpoke! Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. Jimmy says she and Natasha Lyonne are great talk show guests. Jimmy and Danielle almost gave up on Orange is the New Black after the whack pack episode. Pat wonders if Janet Varney auditioned for that show. Pat says Kate Mulgrew is the best he’s ever seen her. Matt says just put Robin Williams in a wig. Relax! Take a fucking breath baby! Jimmy Kojak.

10 – Jimmy’s nose/face scratch might be called in for foley work. Obama gave us hope in 2008 and now he’s let us down!
Frank Rudolph lyrics –
Dean Rudolph lyrics – (Red Beaked!)
Lava soap

15 – I’ve got a name lyrics –
Pat doesn’t understand how they turn the hobbit into movies. Jimmy sings triumph.
Porn-stache on Orange is the New Black is Liev Schreiber’s brother. His real name is Pablo Schreiber.

20 – Pat’s heard that The Wire is phenomenal. This season of Modern Family is excellent! Pat says whoever cast Fred Willard as Phil’s dad gets a bonus.
Jimmy thinks Julia Louis Dreyfuss looks great and hasn’t aged a day since the 80s. Brad Hall is a talented man who did news on SNL. He’s also not Asian.

25 – rethink the Christmas episode Pat. Pictures can be reported on FB for review. Jimmy’s been reporting a 2nd Jimmy Pardo facebook page and they won’t do anything about it.

30 – How long can the guys go off facebook. Pat says 2 hours. Matt says he can go a month easy since he doesn’t like it.
You can see who unfriended you on FB should you want to:
Pablo Cruise: When asked the question, the band, which is a quartet, would answer, “He’s the guy in the middle.” When asked what Pablo Cruise meant, the band would say that “Pablo represents an honest, real, down to earth individual; and Cruise depicts his fun loving and easy going attitude towards life.
Raydio hit appears to be Jack and Jill.

35 – Jimmy asks if anyone has seen the Batman episode with Neal Patrick Harris. Brave and the Bold. Jimmy loved it. It was a musical and he finds it phenomenal. Jimmy thinks Frozen was great but would be better as a broadway musical. Matt wants to see a Tangled musical. Matt says it skews a little girly. Jimmy wonders if he should go and risk turning Oliver into a “swish”
Matt enjoys an iceskating horse.
Pat wonders why no one has done a Benny Hill bio pic. Same for Abbot and Costello.
Mambo number 4 is better than #5.
There was an abbot and Costello biopic staring Harvey Korman and Buddy Hackett called Bud and Lou.

40 – Is Jimmy a 3 or a 4 as a vocalist? Eliot and Matt think he’s at least a 5. Jimmy’s Christmas

45 – Dice’s lady! Jimmy’s off this year on NYE. Only the 2nd time. Pat asks what he is gonna do. He recommends watching the east coast feed on CNN.
Back to the Facebook chat! Could Pat go Friday – Wednesday with no facebook?

50 – for $9.99 a month AOL gives Pat everything he needs. All the new team is in the rock solid studios for this week’s episode. 2013 year in review.
John Crapper. John Shitter. Competitors. Shit Crap Fuck. New game. Pat shits on Amy Poehler. Craps on Tina Fey. Fucks Kristin Wiig. Is this really how we’re bringing in the new year? – Jimmy
Pat gives Jimmy Stevie Nicks, Patty Lupone, and Bernadette Peters. Fuck 0 Bernie P, Badmouths Lupone, Takes care of business on Stevie because she’s a witch.
Thanks everyone! Jimmy fucks the W right out of Kristen Wiigs name.
Happy new year!!!!
Jimmy tries to sing Auld Lang Syne.

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