1310 – Micah Sherman (and kind of Myq Kaplan)

NNF 1310 – Micah Sherman (Myq Kaplan)





00 – Hello!  Jimmy playing some timer hockey!   Jimmy in a V-neck! A high end t-shirt.  Chest hair trimming chat.  Jimmy’s new CD is called Sprezzatura releasing Tuesday 9/24 on iTunes!  Autographed copies available at AST Records!  Buy on itunes and you can get an autographed physical copy ($5 shipping)!  Bye Ryan!

05 – 8 months in the new studio already!  Sprezzatura is an Italian word (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprezzatura).  The Jerk is a funny movie that may or not hold up.   Liberace didn’t produce anything besides AIDS.  Matt calls it the funniest and most offensve thing Jimmy has ever said.

10 – Jimmy has the iPhone 5B (Braile).   LA Podfest right around the corner.  We’ll be there 6pm on 10/5.   Mike Schmidt and Phil Hendrie will both be there at the same time.   Two Tickets to Podfest tickets giveway! Sprezzatura comes out next Tuesday!   9/24!  Caller Seven wins the podfest tickets.   Actually the first person who guesses what we did when we announced the contest.  (sang two tickets to podfest.)

15 – Dave is calling back.  Almost got cut loose but he’s saved only to be cut loose again.  Christine from Maine!  So long Christine.  Dave from Ohio!  G’bye dave!  Christine is back!  Jimmy not on board with the iphone fingerprint scanner.  Dave again!  Now Mike Cusick!  So long Mike.  Christine is back.  She has a 9 month old named Lillian.  Jimmy enjoyed annabeth gish (granddaughter of Lillian gish) until he saw her in something he hated.  His erection has never been the same.

20 – Jimmy saw Chicken Situation at Bonaroo.  Christine wins tickets for her friend Danielle who lives here in LA.   She’s on a flip phone!  Jimmy loves the idea of a crock pot.   Christine’s husband is a family therapist.   Bye Christine!  

25 – Jimmy enjoyed Christine.  It’s always about winning when you have disagreements with a spouse right?   Reverend Jeremiah Wright (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremiah_Wright).  Jimmy run for office, he goes all the way to the top.  No time for governor, congress, or PTA.

We’ll be back with Micah Sherman AND Myq Kaplan!

We’re back!  Mario @ OneKolor.com doing a t-shirt design a day for the next 30 days.

30 – Breaking Bad shirt from OneKolor.com http://onekolor.com/shirt_BB.php.  Harry’s shaving links on NNF and Jimmy’s fan page.  Sprezzatura comes out 9.24!!  Crockpocket!  Matt invents a new snack food.  Jimmy’s hungry and Myq saves the day with PB pops!  Acme in Minneapolis is one of Jimmy’s top 5 clubs.  Jimmy stuffed to the gills but Daddy had to have a couple scoops.   Jimmy likes pie.

35 – Everyone excited by Blacklist.  Eliot on PCBShow tonight!  Jimmy taking a swig of delicious purity organic coconut water.  (they’re not a sponsor). “Tastes like Chris Kattan.”

40 – http://www.hulu.com/kojak to beat last nights Breaking Bad, you’ll need to be a good godfather 4.  Micah and Myq are back in reverse chairs now!   New mattress for Micah.  A firm memory foam from Sleepy’s!  http://www.sleepys.com/.  Micah used to live in an area with trans (both kinds) prostitutes.

45 – Micah thinks its mostly “straight” guys taking up the trans offerings.   BTW James Spader is Jewish.    Berlin in Chicago (http://www.berlinchicago.com/)  Micah also in a V-Neck!   Berlin had a glory hole!  No one partook.   Micah saw a couple guys give each other blowjobs on the dance floor.  Great reason to be gay!

50 –  Electric Six (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_six).  Jimmy and Micah have similar feelings on the Sound City movie.  Loved it until the new stuff started.    Here is info on the Ice Cream place Matt mentioned!  http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/2013/06/quenelle_ice_cream_shop_burban.php

Micah presents his theory that Dave Grohl is the Joe Rogan of music.   They’re both good guys and competent at what they do.   Impromptu drum session!    Jimmy has enjoyed Joe Rogan’s company.

55 – Micah guesses what was wrong with my shorts.  Almost correct!  Myq needs new sneakers!  He has show shoes though.  Micah asks about performance clothes.  Jimmy says he has the Berhendt costume (cardigan, jeans).  Matt recommends dark shoes to Myq.

60 – Myq enjoyed Jimmy’s Gaggle of Goofs comment.    Everyone on board with the foot video at Jack Rabbit Sports.   Jimmy talks about the Dr. Schoal machines and not buying what they suggest because it’s too expensive.   Boombotz and Schoal – Killer Outfit.

65 – Here is why Jimmy won’t do a glory hole.  He’s worried that someone will put a nail through it so he can’t get it out.  Matt worried about papercuts.  Micah wonders what the sound of a penis getting ripped from the body would be.  He calls it a game/horrendous thought.   “Deadbolting cock.”

70 – Micah explains the prince albert piercing involving the clit of the penis.  Jimmy says Micah has the worst catch phrases.   What if there were a warm watermelon on the other end of the glory hole?  Jimmy’s in!   Gallagher Glory Holes featuring sledgehammers.   Micah does a great Paul Giamatti.

75 – Why is it weird for people to use a pocket pussy and not women using a vibrator?

80 – Jimmy resets and mentions Micah is taking time away from the shirt factory.   Jimmy loves the fake banana flavor like a Banana runt or gumball.    Candy chat!   Still nothing from Christine!   “Paul Giamati’s mad at me.” – Matt

We’ll be back!  Myq, Micah, Eliot, my shorts, are all here!

Pardcastathon tickets on sale!

85 – We are back!   And talking about Rent.  Micah loves the Rent soundtrack.   Phone call from Mike on I-94 heading home to Ann Arbor.  Spatula Dave calls back!  “Maybe he’s a gem and doodads guy.”  Tagg from Lansing!   Tagg has big arms and likes hearing it.   Happy birthday Alex Doll!   Alex describes his dad as Bald, Old, and White Teeth.   They went to Flapjack’s for his birthday.

95 – Julie is on the phone!  Hi Julie.  She’s Scottish from Glasgow!   Sandy Lyle is indeed a Scottish Golfer.  No one can guess that Red Rider did Lunatic Fringe.

100 – The Fratellis, Proclaimers, Bay City Rollers, Mirilean, all from Scotland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Scottish_musicians    Jimmy thinks Myq is mad.  He isn’t.  Matt says he is powered down.   We have another Dave (Minnesota) on the line who called 591 rock out of boredom.

105 – Julie gets a call back.  She gets it!  Micah tells her she can ask anything she wants.  She asks, “Who are you?”  More rent!  Micah attempts a harmonica after successful didgeridoo, kazoo, and trumpet) and fails.  Jimmy choking again!  Humorously coughing.    Micah thinks the show should close with us all doing our impression of a penis being ripped off a body.  Jimmy says that’s never gonna happen.

So many wolfs.  Tom, Todd, Teen, Dick.   Welcome back Art Bell!

We’re done!

My Pleasure,

– Garon/The Thief/Cuban Defector/Scout/The Beast