1207 – Trotting the Globe with Harland Williams

Harland Williams

Harland Williams

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell



00 – NEW DIGS, man! Welcome to the show. Camera organization chat! Everyone is sick. No time for paintings. 50% is better than zero. chord situation needs to be figured out. We’ve been away. Debris rant!

05 – Jimmy would rather the LAPD shoot the wrong people than no body. I’m a big of a conspiracy nut! Jimmy echoes through the whole building.

10 – THE SCOUT! New Nickname! Eliot put the pipe through Hagersville (ceiling tile looks like Utah.) Eliot needs to get a new tile and have it Utah’d. Floorboard the son of a bitch! So many wires. Jimmy’s gonna get us evicted over wire rage. Harland says we’re in Grover’s Field (Cloverfield). Harland was in Escape from Planet Earth, apparently not a good movie. Jimmy says EFPE is “not for me.”

15 – The flesh that dangles from the throat of a moose is called a bell. Eliot gets no thumb today!

20 – Jimmy hates confrontation and wouldnt say any of this stuff to Eliot if Harland wasn’t here to hear it entertainingly. Here is the link to the blog entry by John Roy.

Eliot is messing with coaxial. Harland Williams DVD is called A Force of Nature available in stores, online, and at harlandwilliams.com. Shot in the desert, middle of the day, with no audience. Harland tells a great story about the origin of his special and wanting to do something outside teh regular theater set stand up special.

25 – Jimmy says NNF did the same thing in allowing him to stretch himself creatively. Two great shows from San Fran! One is available now, the other coming soon. One day at Conan, Jimmy asked someone to raise his hand so he can see him, he’s never asked this of a person in his entire career. Listen to find out what happened!

30 – Shaggin’ and Scoobin’ (Scubin’?) Really i can’t spoil the story Jimmy told but great stuff came out of it.

35 – To win a DVD post on the Facebook page the name of the biggest living fish and the animal with frostless fur. Jimmy is in if the special is 54 minutes. It is 54 minutes! Harlem globetrotter trip again. harland calls Jimmy the Jack Nicholson of Harlem Globtrotters since Jimmy got curb side seat again. Oliver was grabbed and used as a shield during the game.

40 – An entertaining child abduction according to Harland. Oliver says “I went on the court and got a balloon.” Harland doesn’t know why NBA players don’t pick up any moves from the globetrotters. Jimmy’s bell is 7 days pain free! Matt thinks there should be a 4-pointer in NBA play.

45 – Sad bell. Clarabelle The Clown is from Howdy Doody. Clarebelle the Cow is from Disney cartoons.

50 – Harland Williams played George in A Scooby Doo Valentine. Mindy Cohn is the current voice of Velma on Scooby Doo. Grey DeLisle is Daphne. Matthew Lillard is Scooby. Frank Welker is Fred. Vivica A. Fox Patrick Warburton and Lewis Black also appear. Harland does a nazi war criminal who also does voice over work for Scooby Doo.

55 – Jimmy wanted Oliver to talk about his standing ovation at school. He came home and said, “bad news day, I didn’t say it.” He also denied Jimmy to come in and talk to his class. Jimmy again talks about his love of Good Luck, Charlie. He also loves Go On (Matthew Perry’s show.) Jimmy’s wonka close to the See’s Candy Factory. Jimmy thinks calling people baby sounds white trashy. He calls Danielle Moosh.

60 – The seinfeld nickname is Schmoopy.

We’ll be back!

And we’re back!

00 – We had a great break. Jimmy explains why. Harland’s podcast is called The Harland Highway. Twice a week for 30 minutes! The origin of moosh: No answer. We did learn that Danielle made up Moosh and Jimmy made up Shkink – He would poke her and say “Shkink!” which he eventually grew to hate. Matt has no origin for Schmoosh. They’ve been together since 1989. Past sex chat! Canadian higher education apparently consists of studying famous canadians.

05 – We’re in the midst of a very revealing episode. Jimmy got an email from a guy who wrote about how much he enjoys Jimmy everywhere but hasn’t subscribed yet because he wants to know who the guests are in advance. Jimmy can’t reveal the text he got for fear to hurt two people.


10 – Jimmy met the son of the guy who wrote Porky’s. Kim Cattrall’s nickname in Porky’s was Lassie. “Put a top hat on, asshole!”

15 – Angry Carlin on XM, “Really you’re mad at forks?” Harland calls him crabby.

1:31:50 for theme song.

Jim Donovan @Augaihgcaetet??? Top Sitcom Actor or Top Selling Country Artist: Jimmy and Harland go Sitcom Actor. Dave Foley might be out in the hall shakign sheet metal to simulate thunder. Matt changes the question to Rock Star and Jimmy and Harland change their answer to Rock Star. Matt takes the $12 jackpot for pulling Michael Damien. He thinks Jimmy told a story about some girl making out with him.

20 – Rock On appeared on the soundtrack of Dream a Little Dream. Jimmy’s pocket hates $100 bills.

@HunterSteffes: Do you have a least favorite day of the week: Harland appreciates every day he is alive, but sometimes Sunday.

25 – Jimmy bought 250 shares of ECAU. Echo Automotive, some kind of hybrid tech. Currently at .98.

Jimmy’s least favorite day is sundays, he still gets Sunday blues sometimes. Jimmy watches Mass for Shut-Ins. Harland watches Mass for Hermits. Finds Mass For Trolls to be great. Mass suicide for people under bridges. Jimmy not gonna tune in. He will watch anyhting on Jim Jones.

30 – Jimmy is not rich! Harland said not to worry about it he worked hard for his dream and his money. Harland has dual citizenship.

Last stupid question today:

From Dan Telfer @dantelfer: Hedgehogs or Porcupines: Harland goes Porcupine for sciencey reasons. Apparently Hedgehogs carry Salmonella. Jimmy has no dog in this fight but goes Porcupine because it’s fun to say. Matt likes Sonic the Hedgehog.

Robin laid an egg, so did Jimmy.

35 – Tim Tams! Tim Tam Totty! Thanks to Matt’s mom for the treats. Eliot has light weight Lugz. Oliver not gonna talk about the globetrotters at sharing. He’s gonna talk about his new shoes. Jimmy loves the idea but would lead with the trotters.

Giving two of Harland’s DVD away. Frost Free Fur animal and Biggest Fish in the Sea. Jimmy loved Backbeat (Beatles origin musical). Really well acted.

We’re done!

– The Scout/The Defector/The Thief/The Beast