1206 – Steve Agee

33-1/3 % of Steve Agee

33-1/3 % of Steve Agee

Jimmy Pardo welcomes Steve Agee to Never Not Funny 1206

In-Studio show notes by Garon Cockrell



00 – Indeed! Welcome!! Jimmy lost his mic! Matt finds it for him! $25 across the goddamn board! Dumb dumb fun! Welcome to episode 1206 starting at 12:06! actually….12:04. Everyone is sick! A professional lets the host do his business. Sweep! One game is tied 12 – 6…wait… Jimmy had an upper respitory infection. Drag race chat! People who go to drag races do not understand the oval. Dragster Riff Grunge Metal band! Thursday, monday, tuesday canceled due to illness! Oliver also got sick over the weekend and covered his room in puke, which Jimmy had to clean up.

05 – Dumb guy on sitcom rant! Don Garlits is indeed known as Big Daddy! Oliver was going all Keith Moon/John Bonham/Mama Cass on Jimmy. Jimmy does a seinfeld!

10 – Check out Blind Pilot. Spring Awakening Tickets (http://www.lamiradatheatre.com/Onstage.htm) Eliot cuts to himself too much. Jimmy learns who has which camera. Josh Joplin group did do “Camera One.” Jimmy wants to get Matt into a tanning booth. Jimmy shirt is turning map japanese.

15 – If there’s any feedback to Eliot cutting to himself, We’re done! Eliot says he did not. Jimmy is 132 emails behind so there is a chance you won’t get a response. He apologizes for not writing back and for writing back. Matt drops some gorgeous industry jargon. 2nd to last episode in the studio. Our guest appeared on 2010 Pardcast-a-thon. Only 5 people have been on every pardcast-a-thon. “Give it a rest face!” – Steve Agee to Jon Hamm. Jimmy likes being with his wife more than everyone else, except Oliver.
Happy birthday Danielle!

She got food poisoning on her bday…might have been from Oliver’s tuna sandwhich. Steve missed out on a catered taco truck. Turns out everyone who ate the tacos got horribly ill.

20 – Jimmy has red flags on food trucks. Steve finds making food in cars weird. Jimmy doesn’t need lingo from Matt’s cooking TV shows. PHONE! It was Steve’s phone. He apologizes. Jimmy’s mom taught him you get more flies with honey. so he is nice to phone reps…until he gets mad. He’ll flip in a second! Jimmy is gonna use Shut It Down as much as possible.

25 – Steve Agee is our guest. He is on a National Car Rental commercial. It’s played during golf tournies all the time. He gets nice checks every 13 weeks from it. No Saturday delivery from the post office starting 8/5. DOUBLE MAIL MONDAYS! Christmas cards mainly only come from people with kids and hipsters. Matt wants exclusive christmas photos. Jimmy does not approve of Jen Kirkman’s David Hasselhoff Christmas Card. Jimmy’s wired! Jack Black reflective suit chat!

30 – Jimmy dragged himself out to take Oliver to see Peter Pan at the El Capitan Theater. He says it is very racial towards native americans. Oliver loved it. He was saucered eyed over the organ descending into the stage. Kids went crazy when Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates came out.

35 – My buddy Jason plays Mr. Smee in a play at Los Angeles Valley College in March. Jimmy assumes Steve loves Porn. Friend of Jimmy (Conan stage manager), Steve Hollander appeared in Fame. Captain Eo opened 9/12/1986 and was directed by Francis Ford Copola. Steve says he lives a life of pie. Jimmy enjoyed Life of Pi and has seen Les Mis three times.

40 – Jimmy reminds us he hates Spring Awakening. Steve as in a punk band (his dad called them a combo) in the early 90s called The Grazers. Steve and Matt apparently just now realize that Haley and the Comets refers to Haley’s Comet. Cigarette = Small Cigar.

45 – The Grazers first gig was at The Whiskey A Go-Go. Atomic Punks are a great Van Halen cover band from LA. The lead singer is now the singer of Steel Panther. Jimmy said he saw him a few meetings. Matt says they are supposed to be anonomys. What comes from cuba? Good baseball players, communists, socialists. Jimmy’s last night drinking was the night JFK Jr. Disappeared. this year is the 40th anniverary of Roe Vs Wade and the release of Dark Side of the Moon.

50 – Lance Armstrong came to the UCB one night and sat so he could be spotted. He also came to the See You Next Tuesday with Robin Williams. Huffy is indeed an american company. Steve said cars ruined Biking. Jimmy found his dream bike on eBay. Matt says lets hang the bike on the wall of the new studio. He says the bike is more a piece of art because it’s too small for him. It’s made for a japanese man or lady. Gary Turner indeed makes bikes: GT Bicycles. Everyone wants a dune buggy. Steve did a movie called Angry White Man that had a dune buggy at the end. Flu shot chat. Steve is a Hyno.

55 – Tom “T-Bone” Wolk was Darryl Hall’s guitarist who died in 2010. He was also in GE Smith’s (who is still alive) SNL band. Live Album chat. Steve says Blues Traveller has a great live album.

60 – Dave Matthews Band bus driver dumped toilet waste on a boat on August 8, 2004. Matt says his favorite band is The Grazers. Steve loves Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Man Chu, Black Sabbath, Kiss. Jimmy asks Matt to do two things Shut and up. Oingo Boingo is in Steve’s top 3. Matt says begrudgingly Dave Mathews Band. Jimmy paraphrases Paul Reiser.

We’ll be back!!

And we’re back!

00 – We’re back! Loosey goosey real comfortable break. Welcome back! Steve has a crazy aversion to poop and hates that he has to do it. He would use a genie wish to never have to poop again. If he had to puke instead of poop he would wish for world peace. Jimmy’s Chiropractor has a one piece toilet. no one knows what this means Steve asks if you wear it. The toilet is brown and beautiful. Matt doesn’t like the black toilet. Steves loves a good toilet. He loves a large person’s toilet used on the Sarah Silverman Program.

05 – Kabuki! Chinese go peepee in your coke to make joke. Steve likes a high pressure toilet. Jimmy is getting a new toilet and wanted to go dual flush. His guy talked him out of it. Nothing wrong with Beverly Hills. Both Jimmy and Steve have ‘practors in Beverly Hills. Jimmy’s been ball free pain free since

10 – Matt Monro sang Born Free. Eliot’s iPad has a magnatic camera attachment. Bowie’s back!

Stupid Questions: Jim Donovon: @aauuugghhh Theme Park or Water Park? Jimmy and Steve go Theme. Steve won’t step into a cesspool of a water park. (Lake Delores Waterpark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Dolores_Waterpark)

20 – Nug @nug13: Water: Still or Sparkling. Still all around. Wives go sparkling. Jimmy revisiting the three stooges, not hating it.

Josua James LaPearl @joshlapearl – Settle it: are they Jimmys or Sprinkles: SPRINKLES. Jimmies apparently came from the Just Born candy company where the chocolate sprinkles were made by an employee named Jimmy. (http://www.snopes.com/language/offense/jimmies.asp) ALTHOUGH this is also questionable. Inf act according to snopes there is no official origin.

25 – @pleasestopgreg: Do you use emoticons: Yes.

Jason Puckey: How many remote controls do you have: matt 2, jimmy apparently has 14.

@ragingapathetic: Globe or Wall Map? “Globe you dumb fuck!” – Jimmy.
@cfedz: At a concert, where in a set list do you like to hear your favorite song. Jimmy says middle. Steve likes a bookend of his favorite songs, beginning and end. Matt likes his favorite to close a show and have a cover in an encore. Jimmy doesn’t like a cover. Steve talks about Tenacious D closing their show with an acoustic encore.

30 – @fakebrazillian are you getting your kids into video games? Jimmy says no. His dad is sending Oliver a video game. Steve hated Intellivision. Jimmy and Matt loved it.

Tom Jenkinsn get ready to have your subscription revoked @555presents: Would you rather watch Oprah fart into a cake naked or never listen to Chicago again? Never listen to Chicago again.

The guys say cleaning your kid’s poop turns out to be no big deal. JImmy has no problem letting Oliver
running around the house naked.

35 – Jimmy won’t come over to clean Steve’s kid if he shit’s himself.

We’re done!

-Garon/The Beast/Cuban Defector/The Thief/