1208 – First Timer Bob Zany

Bob Zany

Bob Zany

Jimmy Pardo welcomes Bob Zany for Never Not Funny 1208

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell

First timer!!



00 – Hello everybody! Traffic! Showbusiness and Traffic the new Molly Hatchet album. Regan Burns oscar results coming up. 350 NNF fans entered! Jennifer and Sharon Laurence/Lawrence are indeed two different people. No changes made in the studio since last week. Traffic talk! Shut it down, Winwood! Good to have Splash back. Jimmy likes water, diving, and celebrities. Jimmy calls Eliot Pigpen. Jimmy answers all fan club mails at once after losing them all from his imac.

05 – Friend of Dorothy! Tick it up! Great stuff at Pop Culture Beast plus Pat Francis reviews. Regan Burns Oscar Results!! Here we go: Out of 24 Categories: 10/24 for Matt. 11/24 out for me! Jimmy gets 16/24. Eliot gets 18/24!

10 – Go with Garret! Jimmy says Matt is from Maine and Connecticut after Bob says he is from Cincinnatti. Bob saw Cocktail twice. That’s all he needs to bartend. What happened to the Bond tribute?

15 – Bob lost a lot of weight. Went from a 54 to a 36 waist. Bob got Jimmy his doctor but can’t talk about it. Bob sounding great!

Oscar pool winners: Jake Iverson wins Season 13 for free! Congrats! Jennifer tied Eliot with 18. Jimmy knows Traffic songs but not what the 13th Amendment did, aaannnd Lincoln was his favorite movie of the year.

20 – Jimmy enjoyed Seth at the Oscars. Zan Versus Zany on tour!

25 – Nia Peeples hit single was Street of Dreams from 1991. It hit #12. Bob Zany got his name from a Chevy Chase sketch from SNL.

30 – Bob worked with Bob Garon when he started. Name full circle! Bob started with talent shows did ten weeks in a row and finally won on #11. He was also on the Gong Show! Finally found Regan’s picks. He missed: Supporting Actor, Documentary Short, Sound Editing, and Production Design.

35 – Jimmy says Rodney Dangerfield’s No Respect album is flawless and to revisit it. Bob started clubs in 1979 at The Comedy Store.

40 – Jimmy reiterates to keep an eye on your credit reports. Zany’s Yard Sales! Bob’s advice for starting stand up is to get on stage and get on stage a lot. Five or Ten years worth. Shelbyville is a great gig according to Bob.

45 – Jimmy’s blood pressure is “real nice.” Bob’s 120/80. closebutnocigarmovie.com. Contest! Post on the facebook page the name of the deli Bob Zany got his start in. first person to post that on Facebook wins the DVD in case. A random winner will be chosen from the likes.

50 – Bob is selling T-shirts in the Julie Brown video “Homecoming Queens Got A Gun.” Bob beat Carrot Top on Star Search.

55 – Lots of praise for Carrot Top and his vegas show.

60 – Jimmy puts Men of a Certain Age on his list of one of the greast shows of all time. Jimmy fascinated by history of comedy. Gary Lazer told Jimmy he was not ready to move to LA and to give it another year. 51st state chat! Jimmy thinks he’ll remember the guy from High School on H.

Quick Break!

00 – We have a very nice bathroom, Justin (also a 7-11 nearby)! Jimmy wonders why the Sam Kinison Wild Thing song ever happened. Jimmy’s doing his best to expand the guests beyond the usual UCB suspects. Bob says there are no bad choices, only what you make of them. Bob was on Roseanne! Roseanne is guesting on the last episodes of the Office.

05 – Bob had a picture taken with don rickles and still hasn’t gotten it!

10 – Bob did the telethon for 17 years. He did sketches with Ed McMahon. Bob calls him a “Funny fucker” and calls Matt a commie.

15 – Bob Zany Podcast available on the Sideshow Network! we love yardsales! Bobs favorite yardsale story is a guy offering him .50 for a wheelbarrel.



Daniel Saul @ds_33: Single or double knot on shoelaces. Bob and Jimmy both go Double Knot. Matt goes Single Knot.

20 – Shoe tieing demonstrations! Bob had an apartment in sherman oaks. same building as howie mandell!

Patrick Enright: @patrick_134 Is it acceptable to wear the T-shirt of the band you’re seeing to the concert? Jimmy says YES. Eliot asks if it matters if it is a shirt from the same tour. Bob now understands why Jimmy doesn’t call on Eliot.

25 – Jimmy sees Imagine Dragons, The Bravery, and The Killers once. Once and out.

30 – Last Question: @mattkrause813: Worst guest: Donald Trump or Taylor Swift. Bob wants Donald to learn stuff. POPCULTUREBEAST.COM!

– The Scout/The Beast/The Defector/The Thief