1219 – Fred Stoller, Thrill-Seeker

The Great Fred Stoller

The Great Fred Stoller

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

For Never Not Funny 1219 Jimmy Pardo welcomes Fred Stoller



00 – Welcome in! Jimmy sings but no idea what he is singing – it is indeed a survivor song. Fred Stoller is joining us! We’re on episode 12Hardcastle – 19. Jimmy used Pure Imagination for his mother son dance at his wedding. You and Me Against The World by Paul Williams would have been perfect but one line makes it about a couple. Also Try To Remember from The Fantastiks – the jerry orbach version. Stuttering Songs a good topic for Rock Solid.

05 – Jimmy didnt get any autographs from The Who, calls it a mistake. He waited with Pat but didn’t get any signatures. Jimmy mentions his van halen post where DJs always play I’ll Wait. on van Halen: Nobody cares. Thanks for the memories! Matt had a heart-shaped pizza for mother’s day. “PGP – Pretty Good Pizza.” Matt describes how food works to make a masterpiece in your mouth.

10 – Lead singer from Yaz – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alison_Moyet. Try the heart pizza on a special occassion. Jimmy was on the Bobbie Dooley podcast – he loved it. Phil’s (Hendrie) a genius. Jimmy and Danielle had tears in their eyes at some points. Jimmy did a show in Paris, TX – it was the best show he’s had.

15 – Go Daddy heat addressed. “It’s Business!” NNF295 btw! take advantage of it or don’t. Just don’t piss in Jimmy’s ear about it. Listener voice makes an appearance! Jimmy on board with new Fitz and the tantrums album after 2 listens. Fitz and the Tantrums do not appear to have a connection to Emerson. Fred Stoller is here! Jimmy has ad entist appointment at 2:30.

We’ll be back with Fred Stoller!!

20 – We’re back! Jimmy has a bit of a caffine headache plus he’s doing a 200 calorie per day diet (for humor). Jmmy gotta get back to therapy. 1/3 people enjoyed Scooby Doo. 3 of Jimmy’s shows cancelled (Go On, Smash, Southland). I’m doin a great job!

25 – Eliot did a Cliff Floyd graphic for the video for the quote of the week. Nothing good from Cliff today. No bad info. He’s ruining Jimmy’s bit. Our guest is here. From TV/Books. His book is “Maybe We’ll Have You Back” http://www.amazon.com/Maybe-Well-Have-You-Back/dp/1620877066/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368472501&sr=1-1&keywords=maybe+we%27ll+have+you+back. Fred mentions a comedian who desperately wanted Fred’s book to be self published.

30 – Fred talks about people dismissing his successes. In the old days people used to leave tape recorders in the back to record sets but ended up catching people talking about the comics. Nowadays, people bring the phone on stage and just put it on the stool. Back in the day it was a big tape recorder. Jimmy would never try to hang around to sell stuff if his show didn’t go well. Fred compares it to sitting in a box like Charlie Brown.

35 – NACA is a college showcase that you pay to be a part of. National Association of Campus Activities. Fred did well at religious colleges. Fred did Letterman the day the Challenger exploded. Jimmy resets! We’re giving away the book and a copy of his movie Fred and Vinnie. Fred’s been trying to get on the show for a long time. “The TV Crazy Guy” aka Paul Goebel.

40 – Jimmy looked up to Fred. Fred said When he asked Jimmy to do the show Jimmy said to talk to his booker. Jimmy vehemently denies that exchange. Fred is just being silly. No issues! He is neurotic and thinks he is pushy. He tells a story about sleepaway camp that Jimmy says perfectly described his childhood – making a stink about doing something and then failing at it. Fred remembers how he thought he could be like the weird character actors he grew up watching.

45 – Fred’s mom freaked out when he quit college for comedy. He was pathologically shy also. he didn’t look at the audience. JImmy’s paris tx audience was all adults 25+. they all got it, it was a great show. Fred was always worried about making the one black guy in the audience uncomfortable. Tells a funny joke about marrying a sterile first cousin and having to adopt a retarded kid that got him booed numerous times. Hs mom said she was going to tell people he was retarded rather than he was a comic.

50 – Jimmy used to do a michael jackson joke that people would react to before he even got to the punchline and that made him angry. Someone in philly wanted Fred to do a shoot for his book where he runs up the stairs like Rocky. Fred dated Jerry Stiller’s daughter who apparently yelled at people a lot. Apparently, Fred does appearances with other celebrity…recently he brought Andy Dick along and he was funny as hell. He is doing an event in June called Guest Stars of Comedy.

55 – Larry Hankin – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0359969/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Fred was in a pilot that was so bad they didn’t bother editing it. He has been recurring (singer& sons in 1990) but never a regular. Fred says its most rewarding gettign recognized by kids from shows like wizards of waverly place or Drake and Josh. He recalls giving David Henrie advice about auditioning for The Hunger Games.

60 – Matt asks how many stand up appearances Fred did on TV. Fred talks about all the comedy shows in the 90s and having people tell him what kinds of jokes to do. Jimmy just missed Evening at the Improv but appeared on Caroline’s.

65 – the duck dynasty finale had 9.6 million viewers. Contest: How many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond has Fred appeared on?

People would ask Fred if Jerry Stiller could sign his book and not him. Jimmy tells a story about being asked to CiCi’s pizza with Pete Schwaba and the owner telling pet how he is the funniest guy he has ever seen while ignoring Jimmy.

70 – We’re back and it’s about 179 degrees outside. Jimmy didn’t know it was so hot outside his pants stuck to his leg and made him think about fasting. Fred was assaulted when he lived in NY. He has ligament damage that gives him TMJ headaches when it is hot. Fred talks about Amy Stiller again and follows up with “her brother’s famous give her a break.” You can win a personally signed book. Matt thinks Shadow Yoga is doing yoga and shadow puppets simultaneously. Jimmy talks about the shadow dancers and the cerebral palsey teenager doing stand-up on Brittain’s Got Talent.

75 – Giving away Fred and Vinnie dvd to the 7th caller!

80 – Pizza giveaway! #1 – 8 Side Bet: Fred goes goes 4 eliot 7 me 8 matt I missed jimmy 1. Eliot wins!

Tom Duepner wins a pizza!

85 – 1-7 for movie tickets: Fred: 4 Eliot: 7 Me:5 Matt: 2 Jimmy:1 I WON! So did Aaron Maly!

90 – Jimmy talks about the flowers he ordered for his mother for mothers day.. he asked them to be delivered on friday. They were not delivered but he got notice that they were. Flowers no where to be found. Jimmy called and got a refund. Turns out the flowers were delivered across the street.

95 – Jimmy wants to get his mom a place with a pool. Tweeting for a phone call! 7th caller. Tweet is out! Mark Singlewall created the pardomizer. Native American fella? Josh calling from Clinton, Mass gets a big laugh from the room. Happy anniversary Josh!

100 – Caller #7 is Sawyer from Raleigh NC. Sawyer is Jimmy’s favorite caller yet. He wins Fred & Vinnie. Jimmy thinks Sawyer is Todd Berry doing a bit. Jimmy’s never done charlie goodnights. stage is too high. Good kid! Jimmy enjoyed the Punk’d episode where they destroyed Frankie Muniz’s car. Jimmy feels bad for for Zach Braff having to turn to kickstarter for funding a film.

Fred’s first sitcom was Singer & Son’s. He also did Murphy Brown and Amen and Empty Nest. Fred says the nicest person he worked with was Fran Drescher who sent him notes thanking him. Kevin James gave him a jacket. His book sounds like it has some great stories in it. Including hitting on a Klingon.

Jimmy’s first sitcom that he acted on was…The Naked Truth as Detective #1.

We’re done!

My Pleasure,
– Garon/The Thief/Cuban Defector/Scout/The Beast