1221 – Dropping Names with Dan Cronin

Dan Cronin

Dan Cronin

In-Studio Show Notes by Garon Cockrell

For Never Not Funny 1221, Jimmy Pardo welcomes Dan Cronin



00 – We’re recording! Hello everyone! Jimmy starts with a bad jimmy dore impression. Jimmy thought the Wings album At The Speed of Sound was a live album recorded at a venue he’d never heard of. Matt confused by no “hello indeed.” I won a screenplay contest! Motor City Nightmares Film Festival. Jimmy guessed Michigan was the 24th state in the union CLOSE! 26th. Eliot is looking for a garage sale to jump on.

05 – Eliot will stick around your garage sale. Jimmy prefers the drop off. Our guest is here and already ticking jimmy off. Jimmy in a great mood! Welcome everybody to 1221! Palindrome! Our last Palindrome (or Eliot’s). Dan not in a hard shoe! I, in hollywood, beat all the factory workers in Michigan.

10 – In A Crooked Little House is the name of my script. Sorry michigan people that I beat! Michigan sports chat! Sad sad state. Jimmy is having a tough time on his Fantasy Baseball teams. Wishes Clif Floyd would give better advice. Jimmy not a fan of head to head in fantasy. Dan chimes in that he won both his leagues. Eliot manages a building called The Michigan, saddest apartment complex in town. 200 listeners have tried to friend eliot on FB.

15 – Matt enjoyed Epic but was a little scary for Zoe. Nebraska horror fest! Jimmy did the Electric Run 5k came in under 20 minutes. Danielle walked the course as she wasn’t feeling well. Pardcastathon coming up day after thanksgiving! Get those calendars marked! GoDaddy: NNF295!

20 – TweekAudio code idiot. Also purity organic is still out there! Some gmabling coming up around the corner. Gambling coming up! GAMBLING IS COMING! Feel free to skip ahead. It’ll be gone soon so “ride it out assholes!” Matt says to Let It Ride.

Dan Cronin is with us! Jimmy and Dan met in 1999 when Jimmy appeared on Premium Blend. Dan gets it!

we’ll be back!

25 – good morning to you and you and you and you! Oliver is doing a talent show at school. He is doing Make em Laugh from Singing in the rain. He’ll do a silly dance. Dan’s daughter did the gene kelly scene with a group.

Conan Writer Dan Cronin is with us! Dan’s heading to La Quinta for a getaway. Jimmy stays at La Quinta in La Quinta to Meta The Fuck out of the place. Dan enjoys a beer and a cigar once in a blue moon. Dan thinks Jimmy is a little light in the mix! It’s the Jimmy Pardo Podcast! “Sweet Syrupy Mix of Matt Belknap.”

Dynamic range compression, also called DRC (often seen in DVD and car CD player settings) or simply compression reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds by narrowing or “compressing” an audio signal’s dynamic range. Compression is commonly used in sound recording and reproduction and broadcasting.[1]

30 – Dan playing us some gambling music! Here we go! To win the Fred Stoller book:


A pentatonic scale is a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave in contrast to a heptatonic (seven note) scale such as the major scale and minor scale. Pentatonic scales are very common and are found all over the world. They are divided into those with semitones (hemitonic) and those without (anhemitonic).

“I wouldnt see that if it was playing in my glasses (evolved to eyelids)” – Jimmy joke on Eyes Wide Shut

Dice’s Lady officially declared same voice as the Listener.

35 – Here we go! Andrew Dice Clay’s podcast is called “Rollin with Dice and Wheels”. More dice and lady impressions!

Here we go for real: 1-70. Dan: 64 (Beatles tune!) Eliot: 11 Me: 13 Matt: 2 (deuce!) Jimmy: 33

Winner is: 39! No winner! Book winner is: Kevin Marsman!

MCI bought by Verizon!

40 – Matt and Dan were neighbors! T-Mobile bought into america, based in Germany.

45 – Dan had a tooth growing into the roof of his mouth when he was a kid. He also had a kidney stone his urologist was Dr. Milky (sp?). He said on his Kidney Stone: “We will destroy it.” They blasted it with soundwaves and he passed it like sand. Matt’s sister says passing a kidney stone is worse that childbirth. Jimmy asks when you die when you jump from a building. Seems to be cardiac arrest on the way down.

50 – Dan said he saw something terrible in NY. Matt says it was Jimmy’s Premium Blend set. What he actually saw in 2003 at the back of st patrick’s cathedral was a man who shot himself in the face. His face was all mangled and gross and yet he was still alive.

thanks for the pardomizer Mark Singlewall!

Jim Singlewall makes for a good football player.

In 2008, during halftime of their game against the Seahawks, Singletary intentionally dropped his pants while giving a speech to illustrate just how poorly the 49ers had played in the first half. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Singletary)

Dan won both his fantasy footballs. All of TBS. Borgnine’s Balls. Sensible Blazers.

55 – Dan stands by his feet. Very clean! Dan wearing a concert t-shirt of Chicago’s own Wilco. Jimmy’s teams are the mummified jagoffs and the amazing/genies also the bagless vaccums.

BTW: helium itself has a fairly significant ecological footprint. While it is not pollutive, it is unsustainable. In fact, we’re running out of easy-to-access helium quickly, because of its extensive use in unnecessary products such as balloons.

Dan says Matt’s hair has good lift. Still going Astley. Dan loved the rickroll.

60 – Check out this Rare Incredible Kiss performance!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf79MCuQ8jM

We’re a world wide podcast! Listeners all over, including Ireland. Dan went to a bar that originated in 1172: The Brazenhead. Might be this place: http://www.brazenhead.com/ est. in 1198!

Jimmy’s fantasy rugby team. the Padless Pattys, is doing great. It’s not a hamburger!

65 – Spell correctly teachers! Matt’s daughter’s school spelled their own school name wrong on her diploma. The blacks love a balloon. Tyler Perry’s We Love a Balloon! Dan is doing a voiceover after this show for a friends animated pilot. Dan plays the johnathon ivy character Graham Davies on Conan. Dan laughed pretty hard at the funny or die movie iSteve. (http://www.funnyordie.com/isteve)

70 – Jimmy hated Hurley on Lost. Dan’s recent guilty pleasure is NASHVILLE! T-Bone Burnett does the music for the show.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Dan Cronin’s our guest. We had an in studio jerk-off over Nashville during the break. Dan does some drum stings for us. Dan drops some beats for us! Jimmy and Danielle always mention Dan’s bit on the Sofia Vagera sketch where he is holding the floor down.

75 – Two Legged Tables possible future fantasy team name. Matt walks his block often but runs past Dan’s house. Dan tels a story about seeing Jimmy Matt and Pat at an airport and jimmy come up to him saying, “Hey man, You gotta look alive!” Dan met John Dore on that flight and called him one of the funniest guys he’s ever met.

80 – “It’s like im auditing banter bootcamp.” Dan to Jimmy. Dan thinks Matt has a second baseman’s name. Chuck Belknap future baseball player? Jimmy doesn’t know why he hates Billy Joel. Jimmy hated Pink Floyd in the 80s but now they’re in his top 5 bands. Jimmy: “The Wall is bigger than all of us.”

85 – Dan saw The Wall at Fenway. Fantastic show. MIddle of the show they see a bunch of paramedics rushing down the stage. They took away the saddest looking middle aged man with a look of “I’m done.” Dan has lots of family in Mass. Jimmy saw The Wall at Staples Center and at the Colliseum. Matt sings some Outfield for us! Nothing of interest on the concert front for Dan but Jimmy and Matt are going to see Ke$ha and Pitbull! Once you get past Ke$ha’s personality you can like her music. Dan saw Fitz (of and the tantrums) at a concert sitting disapprovingly watching the show. Obscure band chat!

90 – Jimmy not a fan of Black Eyed Peas. Dan went to the Hwood bowl show of Wilco which was great and saw Neil Young and was disappointed, too quiet. Live Rust is in Jimmy’s top five albums of all time. Jimmy saw Morrisey at Hollywood High. Heart is touring with John Bonham’s Led Zepplin Experience.

95 – Tom Petty’s other band is Mudcrutch. David Beckham frequents Jimmy’s neighborhood subway. They know Oliver and his order when he walks in causing Matt to sing the Cheer’s theme song. Dan loved Kevin Nealon as the Weekend Update host. Here you can find the weekend update hosts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weekend_Update

Danielle gets screeners but doesn’t allow Jimmy to watch it. She goes too far!

Heading out with debating the room color!

We’re done!
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