1205 – Succession Plans with John Dore

John Dore

John Dore

NNF 1205 – John Dore


00 – Welcome! Jimmy starts with a new character and does not like it. 12005? Nope. Let the room breathe in 12,013. Great time in Bloomington! We’re back and Jimmy is yelling. Crash Test Dummies are indeed from Canada. Times get Tut! Jimmy does not get first class this trip. Seat owner showed up and he couldn’t get the upgrade. 19F this flight! Steerage! Very little sleep during the trip and since the trip. Jimmy now on board with the Do Not Disturb on his phone!

05 – 3 more episodes till the move! Jimmy wonders what happened to Edward G. Murphy. (Actual middle name is Regan). Honey and Cinnamon are two great stripper name. The Kings single “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide” was from Jimmy met our guest post 9/11.

10 – Jimmy thinks he has a picture of Jon, mitch, him, and bill dwyer. Photo does not exist. Mitch Hedberg died in 2005. Jason Sudekis, Rob Riggle, and Jimmy in a photo together. Jimmy has no memory. In 2004, the Montreal Expos played their 36th and final season in Montreal (wikipedia).

15 – I can’t keep track of all these baseball names!!!! Jon is here via canada. Moved to Lake Arrowhead. Jimmy uncomfortable with lakes and american indians. Jon says he hasn’t seen a person of color since he moved there.

20 – Who takes over NNF after Jimmy dies? Jimmy says like Zepplin (or Hendrix), it’d just be over. This makes Jon emotional. Matt wants to create a Jimmy Pardo super computer to take over: Virtual Jimmy Pardo. Matt wants Thanksgiving in October. Halloween chat! Jon would be Hulk looking for his shorts. Jimmy does a Hulk impression.

25 – Airport story! 2hr 58 minute flight trapped next to a Richter wannabe. Jimmy compares it to Zero Dark Thirty torture. Jon thinks ZDT should have ended with Bin Laden in heaven with 70 virgins. Matt can’t remember Animal House, Jon and Matt are both forgetting stuff (so am I!). Jimmy said his memory started going at 40.

30 – Back in the day Jimmy could have told you the catalog number of an album. Best comedy move chat. Jon says his top comedies include Windy City Heat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windy_City_Heat) Jimmy thinks the movie is too mean. They agree to disagree. Jon also likes the Jackass films (me too!) Big Lebowski, Naked Gun series. Broken Record statement: Once Leslie started trying to be funny they went downhill.

35 – Matt says Trading Places is one of his favorites. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Airplane, Planes Trains and Automobiles are some of Jimmy’s favorites. Jon also loves Strange Brew. Jimmy says it’s okay. Lake Arrowhead still has video stores.

40 – Back to the airport story! The flight only played NBC shows. You could count each 22 minutes by the show. Jon likes to be kept in the dark on the planes. He loves 19f. He once travelled to australia and has no memory of getting there. Barenaked Ladies debate! Now is the airport story! I can’t spoil the story in the notes. You gotta listen to it.

45 – Jimmy won’t reveal who he thought the subject of his story was.

50 – Pat gets in trouble by the stewardess on the flight, pat spent the rest of the flight making fun of her pronunciation of Complimentary. Matt says airplanes should be all hammock. Jimmy says Turbulence won’t allow the hammock.

55 – flight 500 to phoenix. Hondo x 5 – Jimmy. Reggie Watts musical tourettes. Post Jimmy NNF becomes Zappa does Zappa. Gun to the head Jon must decide himself or Jimmy: Jimmy dead. Jimmy proposes a situation from The Guardian (1984) : Die or Suck your friends dick.


And we’re back!

00 – Matt loves Lake Arrowhead. Jimmy loves hollywood and living in LA but also loves the idea of not living right in town. Jimmy doesn’t want to have to drive in everyday. Real Estate wise it makes more sense to buy in Lake Arrowhead. Public Service Announcement from Jimmy: his credit score dropped nearly 200 points (830 – 674) because of a clerical error, a bill never got delivered to him, and the senders never tok steps to make sure he got it.

05 – Jimmy and Jon work out the airport scenario and try to remember an improv show Jimmy was doing. Editing discussion. Jon compliments the lighting. Jimmy doesn’t know how Eliot has new things in here every week. It was 23 degrees the other night in Lake Arrowhead. Matt is jealous.

10 – Jon does a comedy night called Lake Arrowhead Comedy Night in…Lake Arrowhead. Jon invites Jimmy to feature or headline. He’d prefer to start him as a feature first. Matt wants to have a snowball fight. Jon stopped for gas on the way down and two attendants came out and asked him if they could have a snowball fight with the snow on his car. Jimmy and his brother used to sit on their roof and throw snowballs at cars passing on the highway. Car windshields. Jon had an aquaintance in high school who dropped a cinderblock on a car.

15 – Jimmy swears he saw Jon at the recent Roger Waters The Wall show. Jimmy hasn’t been to Montreal since 2004. Jimmy wishes the Montreal Comedy Festival was more Festival less show business. Jimmy likes the lamanent but doesnt think it gives you special powers, like other comedians do.

20 – Jon goes over some quotes he had mistakenly attributed to Jimmy. Jon confuses Jimmy with Eva Braun, at least 17 times. Jon is taking over! Candyman killed the cast of Willy Wonka. (Which is a brilliant T-Shirt.) Jimmy says Jon has a face for Aviators.

25 – Eliot caught playing Letterpress during the show. Jimmy would rather him do that than talk or cut to himself. Stupid Question of the Week!

@TomGuessWhat – What is in, your opinion, the funniest thing Jimmy has ever said? No one can answer. Jon says his consistancy is admirable. Matt says Jimmy likes to have fun in public.

30 – Jon and Jimmy hear that Dave Grohl is the nicest guy in Rock.

@ColdShouldered: Han Solo or Luke Skywalker: Jimmy Han Solo. Han Solo seems to be the winner. Jimmy hates Chewbacca.

@J2theAC which psycho sexual development stage did you fixate on the most. Jimmy wishes he’d have saved the rants from the lat stupid question until now. No one has an answer (Jon says anal.)

Hotel Room on Top Floor or Bottom Floor: Everyone says Top. Jon doesn’t want to be with the commoners.

35 – Jon prefers the comedy condo. Jimmy hasn’t stayed in a condo since 1998.

@jennifer0076 Why don’t squirrels have pockets like kangaroos. Jon – Kangaroos smoke. Jimmy: Different species – Squirrel keeps its nuts in its mouth.

40 – Zooey Joke: Why did the ghost go to the dance club. Because he wanted to shake his BOOty. jimmy says he wanted to BOOgie. Or drink BOOze. Jon said to drink sprits.

Jokes evolve. Jimmy says to thank Zoey.

Watch Jon’s recent Conan appearance!

We’re done!

– Garon/The beast/The defector/the thief