1204 – The Commercial Success of Regan Burns

Regan Burns

Regan Burns

First Timer!!

Dog With A Blog


00 – Welcome to the show! Jimmy dealing with a little jiggle jaggle. Oliver has a cough. Left testacle still in pain. Tough weather day! Beauuttiiffull. Jimmy was a little annoyed coming into a messy Never Not Funny studios! Sound is out! Is the world ending?? Jimmy is upset. There are headphones about!

05 – Matt blows Jimmy’s Anka riff with a “yeah.” Matt spouts some armchair psychology. Jimmy will slice! Mitzy goes to therapy at 12:30. Dice’s (and Dice) Lady makes an appearance! Jimmy has a rat race like commute.

10 – We learn that Chip Chinnery sends long emails. Tell us what it’s like outside in the world! New T-Shirt designed by Mario DiGiorgio over at OneKolor.com. My Pleasure! Jimmy and Matt dig it. I do also.

15 – Magic Ball experiment. The Ball Looks Great! The unpaid intern doesn’t like it! Have some respect for the equipment. Jimmy wants an animated gif of his respect rant.

20 – are the spots on the Dog with a Blog real or spraypainted? Regan says painted. No one wants to date an albino. Jimmy saw one at TJ Maxx where he was getting the max for the minimum. Regan was on the first Running Your Trap gameshow! Regan said one of the dogs on his show is a complete bitch. The dog only talks to the kids! Dog with a Blog paired with show favorite Good Luck Charlie!

25 – 10 years ago Jimmy was hosting Movies at Our House (which Regan was on) and Funny Money. Jimmy tells a Funny Money story where he squashed emotions. Regan met his wife at his show. Zoe loves Doc McStufins and Sophia the First. Tim Gunn Impressions! Danielle says Oliver has no game because he was quoting dog with a blog and good luck charlie to the prettiest girl in class. Jimmy and Matt disagree. Oli is a no.

30 – Regan thinks the staff doesn’t enjoy him. Not true! I am indeed thinking of getting out of Warhorse. Jimmy wants out of the NNF Video FB Group. Jimmy thumbs down Jimmy Buffet. Regan wants a music challenge with Jimmy. Album Challenge!!

35 – Jimmy resets. Im looking for a quiz. Jimmy threatens to break Eliots light globe over his head. Jimmy tells about how he thought Boy George was a beautiful lady, and how Poison was a female Cheap Trick.

40 – Matt and Regan say there is no way Boy George could have been mistaken for a woman. SNL chat. Jimmy still enjoys it. (so do I). Jimmy resets and asks Regan about his showbusiness thing.

45 – Jimmy thinks Regan is better than commercials. Regan says it’s great money. Celebrity sibling chat! Greg Hines brother is indeed Maurice Hines.

50 – Regan did a poker pilot called Annie Duke versus the world. Jimmy tells about a time in a locker room after a celebrity golf game.

55 – Regan says he is an “all right” golfer. Jimmy says he is good. He wants to block Regan’s score posts off facebook. Regan does Mudders and calls Warrior Dashes pussy. He says the Zombie runs are stupid. Tough Mudders have electric (10,000 Volts!) wires that laid him out three times.

60 – Regan hates running. Calls the mudders stupid middle age bullshit. Jimmy and Matt ask for details on training. Regan says a lot of temperature training. Eliot’s ball is a success. Jimmy is in for Pussy Dash. Regan says Warrior Dash is fine for beginners. Pat is doing Warrior Dash.

We’ll be back!!

00 – We’re back! No one went to the bathroom! Oliver is having nightmares and says they are hard to explain and just wanted Jimmy to sing to him. Matt went to universal and took zoe on the tour. She was not a fan. Jimmy asked if she was upset at the tourguide describing Desperate Housewives as a comedy. Regan’s kids are 7 and 10. Pat was a tour guide at universal. Paul Gilmartin and his wife wrote on the emmys once. Jimmy’s never been asked.

05 – Jimmy liked Silver Linings Playbook but thought it was overrated. Matt loved it. Jimmy loved the first half. liked the second half. Jimmy says his favorite movie of the year is Lincoln. (he fell asleep in the theater at The Avengers). The last movie he walked out of was, famously, Vegas Vacation. He wanted to leave Pirates 2. Regan walked out of (as a critic he has to sit through most of them) My Girl 2. Regan says Argo best of the year followed by Zero Dark Thirty. Regan says The Last Stand is terrible.

10 – Once a week something makes Jimmy think about Sean Penn yelling at Chris Rock at the Oscars. Today was getting a breakfast bar from the pantry.

35 – ReganBurns.com Oscar Quiz $5 a ballot to win money or free for fun. TIE game on the music quiz. Jimmy never comes close on any oscar pool. Bring on the pardcast! If you enter AND BEAT the NNF guys you win a free Season 13 subscription and a T-Shirt! Have to buy in not a free ballot.

We’re done!

– Garon/The Defector/The Theif/The Beast