1203 – The Irascibility of Wendy Liebman


Wendy Liebman

Episode 1203 – Wendy Liebman!


00 – Welcome to 1203! Fixing sound! Jimmy’s wearing a coat! He freezes when it drops below 75 degrees. Jimmy knew Eliot would like the coat (and he does!) Apple Jacks chat! Jimmy loves the JoJos from Trader Joes.

My Flanks don’t like the Joe Joes – Season 3 opener note.

Jimmy paid $78 for an $800 Hugo Boss jacket. Matt loves the electrical outlets. Jimmy got an iPad mini and loves it. Mini is the way to go. It’s 7.8! Jimmy’s a fan of the 78.

05 – Chilly outside. Chilly today hot Tamale. I’m looking great and getting yelled at! Jimmy doesn’t wear christmas gifts near christmas. Matt says Conan people might be too nice. Jimmy says they like each other.

10 – Jimmy thinks Jay Leno is one interview away from asking him what his problem is. Our guest is a joy! They met in 92 (possibly 91) at KJ Riddles. She once worked at “Sputchies”. The question remains about dogs, “Who let them out.” Guest thinks Jimmy is fucking hilarious. Even funny at luggage carousels.

15 – Wendy Liebman is here! Wendy’s husband was sick enough that she had to leave a gig in chicago and now won’t go to a hospital. Wendy dated a DR. Ear Nose Throat and Ankles. Jimmy: ENTA? Wendy saw a real sex episode on epididimitis were the guy got his balls removed. Jimmy is not oppossed. Wendy wishes him relief and her husbands issue was not penis related. Delauded – new FX show.

20 – Wendy wants to do a reality show – makeover Peoria. Jimmy has family there. Jukebox Comedy is both Jimmy and Wendy’s favorite comedy club. Comedy Attic is Jimmy’s #2. Al Roker shitting his pants chat! Wendy did 10 Hollywood Squares. Keith Hernandez played 1st base with Cardinals and Mets. Her husband was in Cedars for five days! Dr. charged them $200 for sticking his head in the room and saying, “you’re still here?” Wendy says it’s like Hugo Boss.

25 – Matt thinks they should have hospital coupons. Someone stole Wendy’s joke! “You know what I got for christmas? Fat.” No idea the origins on this. Wendy is apparently hollow. Back to hollywood squares! Naomi Judd smells good. Jimmy wants Bruce Vilanch on the show.

30 – Triple threat: Fastest guy in comedy, great singer, and great coat. Lot of cleavage and side boob at the globes. Apparently Wendy’s cleavage launched Louis CK comedy career.

35 – Wendy’s father in law is one of The Sherman Brothers (Songwriters). Her husbands polio vaccination was the basis for a spoonfull of sugar. Wendy saw a car that looks like Chitty on Ventura Blvd driven by Jay Leno. Lots of Jay Leno voices happening today.

40 – jay’s car was not the chitty car. Jimmy calls Jay a robot. Wendy changes the subject to a hilarious story about a lady on a plane.

45 – Safety first when it comes to PCP. Wendy was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Wendy has seen Queen Latifah drive by. Jimmy celeb car driveby: George Segal. Jimmy just donated a bunch of books to a dollar bookstore and they were not as appreciative as he expected.

50 – 15 years in May for Jimmy and Danielle. Jimmy tells how they met. Wendy tells how she met her husband and it was love at first sight. Fred Savage story!

55 – Wendy is writing a stand up comedy musical. Jimmy bumped up an old Wendy joke. Wendy worked with Amir Kay recently. Wendy might call Life of Pi her favorite movie of all time.

60 – Matt was scared by The Black Stallion (opening scenes). Black Stallion from 1979. Jimmy wanted more Tina and Amy.

65 – Zero Dark Thirty is a talkie. Jimmy described Wendy’s real laugh as “that duck thing.”

We’ll be back!


00 – We’re having fun, Wendy says, “that makes one of you.” Wendy went to high school with Howard Gordon, creator of Homeland. More Jay Leno impressions. Matt discusses an article relating Leaded gas to crime. NYT pretty young thing. Wendy says all the witches in the salem witch trials had yeast infections.


(of a person) Easily made angry.
Characterized by or arising from anger.

Wendy saw Sound of Music, cold turkey, mary poppins, born free, and The Hot Rock as a kid. She saw Pippen, Company (Jimmy’s latest fave), Godspell.

05 – detachable sunglasses chat. Jimmy appreciates Wendy tracking her train of thought. He still isn’t sure if he was poor or not. Bob Hope lived in Toluca Lake. Wendy does a lot of benefits. Jimmy says she is perfect for them.

10 – Jimmy doing Beastly Ball again this year. Jimmy retells how he was tackled by a congressman. Mentions a great celebrity run in bit Letterman used to do. Wendy was bumped by Arnold Schwarzenneger playing basketball by a dog and by Whoopi Goldberg. Jiminy Glick chat!


15 – Jimmy doesn’t like Lucky Charms or the irish. Monster cereal Fruity Yummy Mummy. Wendy does a radio show on saturday nights with Terri Nunn on 88.5 KRCN. It’s called Unbound.

20 – Papa Johns won’t deliver to Jimmy.

25 – Wendy used to want to be famous, now she wants a self loading dishwasher and her original teeth. She went to Spencer Pratt’s father, a dentist, who messed her up. Matt addicted to Dunkers from Trader Joes.

Stupid Questions:

@jpuckey Which branch of the military would you join if you had to: Jimmy: Marines, Wendy: Salvation Army, Matt: Navy (Top Gun),

30 – Jimmy apologizes. Boston Stand Up documentary: When Stand Up Stood Out http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0790823/

Jimmy triple threat: QUick, singing, listening.

Matt calls back Wendy’s reality show idea about town makeovers.

Better to burn out or fade away? Denied.

@Clawfoot Tubs – What is your favorite unconventional flavor combo? like strawberry jelly on a grilled cheese. Wendy sometimes puts Milk on popcorn.

@Tylerinnoklahoma Favorite toast spread? Wendy goes dry. Jimmy goes standard with butter. Matt goes jelly or jam. Wendy now comfortable with her body after watching Girls. Jimmy thinks she’s wrong but good for her. Lena Dunham chat. Matt doesn’t think Jimmy would like Girls.

New Girl, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and…

45 – We’re done with Stupid Questions. Sparked a lot of chat! We’re done! Wendy doesn’t have a podcast but Pat Dixon does.

-garon/the beast/the thief/cuban defector/buggles