914 – Ty Burrell

0 – Jimmy hurt his testicle. Jimmy hates on Looxcie camera. Jimmy got a nail in his tire and had to drop his car off at Just Tires.

5 – Jimmy has something against a parking spot reserved for a Mr. Soprano. Jimmy and guest Ty Burrell hate on the Yankees announcer who is pun-crazy.

10 – When Ty shoots “Modern Family,” he shares a trailer with Julie Bowen.

15 – Ty spends a lot of time in Utah with the in-laws and loves going to minor league baseball games.

20 – The guys love on Fred Willard.

25 – The guys further examine the disaster that is The Never Not Funny toilet. The guys think bumper sticker people are bad.

30 – 35: Jimmy and Matt address some bad blood. It involves a free Chicago tribute band concert in the park. Jimmy feels Matt flaked.

40 – The bad blood is resolved by Jimmy heavily guilting Matt.

45 – Jimmy and Matt address some parental concerns of Ty.

50 – The guys fully acknowledge their parents had it rougher than them.

55 – The guys keep talking kids


0 – Jimmy recently appeared on The PodKatz and it was awesome. Ty is currently shooting the new season of “Modern Family,” which is still Jimmy’s favorite show on TV. Ty talks about the process of putting together an episode of the show.

5 – The guys talk about dealing with re-writes.

10 – The guys talk about actor meltdowns

15 – Cajun Jimmy pops in to give a weather report on Hurricane Irene.

20 – The guys talk baseball players

25 – Would you pay $600 to eat a sandwich with Pete Rose?