915 – Myq Kaplan

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy had a wonderful drive-in. Tells a painful Bill Cosby story. The guys think Eddie Murphy is a miss for the Oscar pick.

5 – Eliot has a great belt. Jimmy met Lindsey Buckingham today. Will meet Don Johnson tomorrow.

10 – Jimmy really likes our guest, Myq Kaplan of Last Comic Standing.

15 – The guys talk about the other contestants on Last Comic Standing.

20 – The guys talk about Brian Regan. Jimmy received three hate emails from the same loony.

25 – Myq talks about an interaction with an autistic fan that made him think he might be autistic.

30 – We finally get into talking about Eliot’s belt and his reasoning for tucking his shirt in.

35 – Myq talks about strange anti-semitism.

40 – The guys stand up for the US Postal service.

45 – Jimmy really likes the show “workaholics.”

50 – Jimmy talks about the origins of The Gay Pib. Myq doesn’t mind Jersey Shore.

55 – Jimmy has to pee.


0 – Tim Gunn shows up for a minute. Myq does a great Aziz Ansari impression. The guys talk about sneaking into movies.

5 – NY’s Erin Gould has a great picture with Chris Evans from The Avengers.

10 – Myq talks about where he went to school and the different people he’s lived with in NY.

15 – The guys tell on-the-road stories.

20 – Myq talks about performing in NY.

25 – Eliot switched shirts during the break.

30 – Stallone-In-A-Bottle stops by.