913 – Andy Kindler

0 – Jimmy wants to get right into it. This is the episode where we will delve into the history of numbers. Eliot isn’t feeling well today. Jimmy thinks it’s because of an email he sent.

5 – Dan is wearing a looxcie camera on his ear.

10 – The guys talk about pranking porn stars. Jimmy accidentally figures out why Eliot is sad.

15 – Our guest, Andy Kindler, is brought into the mix. Andy uses the word “moolie” wrong.

20 – Jimmy and Andy go different ways on “The Three Stooges,” though Jimmy recently caught an old Stooges short and it made him laugh. Andy dissects “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

25 – The guys continue to dissect “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

30 – The guys don’t dig “Entourage” either. Andy got in trouble for hating on atheism the last time he was on the show.

35 – Andy had a good 6 month run after his Last Comic Standing gig. Jimmy and Andy talk about hits and misses in stand-up.

40 – Jimmy talks about how when he’d been doing stand-up for only 2 years he thought he knew everything there is to know about comedy. Jimmy misplaces anger.

45 – Andy can’t understand why Jimmy would go to the gym when he could run for free. Andy can’t understand how there are people who went more right wing during the Bush era.

50 – Dennis Woodruff’s filmography is dissected.

55 – Jay Leno retrospective


0 – The Belknap clan is all about the “As Seen On TV” products.

5 – The guys talk about “Shoes Under,” “Crazy People, JT Walsh, and Pete Gaulke

10 – Andy plays the guitar, not the drums.

15 – There are actually things that Andy Kindler likes: “The Wire.”

20 – Jimmy talks about Nancy Grace. And then there is a general hatred for pundits.

25 – Night Shift sing-a-long. Matt wants to see this RZA video.