912 – Danielle Koenig

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy loves his own voice. It’s been a gloomy August. There have been some tragedies at rock concerts recently. God hates music. Jimmy’s angry about the Footloose remake.

5 – Never Not Funny is starting a porn production company. Dan once opened for Steve Mittleman at a Jewish temple

10 – 15: I left for a while to go get allergy medication for guest Danielle Koenig.

20 – Danielle and Matt hung out with their respective children the other night at soup plantation.

25 – Oliver had a meltdown when the play date ended. Oliver is already a better athlete than Jimmy. Oliver and Zoe had a foot race.

30 – The guys talk about each others’ hair stylings.

35 – The guys talk about Breaking Bad. Oliver and Zoe fought over a purple crayon.

40 – The guys talk about “cigarette burns” in movies.

45 – The Jimmy Pardo Soundboard – Coming Soon. The guys talk about James Taylor and Randy Newman.

50 – Jimmy does this Tim Gunn impression (which Oliver absolutely loves).

55 – The guys talk about the Gap taco truck. Danielle talks about an embarrassing moment at the Gap with Chad Lowe.

1:00 – The guys talk about the Oscars.


0 – We take breaks on this show ever since the earthquake. Was there an earthquake last night? Surprise audible plug.

5 – Blind people aren’t famous anymore.

10 – The guys talk about that feral cat Jimmy and Danielle almost took in.

15 – Stallone in a bottle stops by.

20 – The guys considered a friend’s cats’ names: “My Mom” and “Your Mom.”

25 – Danielle talks about what it’s like writing for Joan Rivers