911 – Tom Wilson

In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy’s still the host of NNF since episode 1. Back in the day, Jason Priestley was a potential replacement guest. We’re finally here: Episode 9/11. And to celebrate, Eliot has joined Al Quaeda. Matt Belknap has the Rick Astley haircut.

5 – It’s been 2 weeks since we were last all in this room. Our guest is the original “Biff” in the original “Back To The Future” movies.

10 – Tom does not do the “Back To The Future” conventions. He tells the story of the one time he did a “Back To The Future” convention.

15 – 25: Tom doesn’t memorabilia anymore and now fan-boys hate him for it.

30 – Tom sings the Back To The Future song.

35 – Tom has a great head of hair. So did his father. Jimmy doesn’t care about Tom’s dad’s hair.

40 – Tom tells a story about Gary Busey taking his wife hostage.

45 – Tom talks about the movie “Let’s Get Harry” and how the studio destroyed it.

50 – Tom used to room with Andrew Dice Clay and Yakov Smirnoff.


0 – 10: Jimmy thanks a fan for sending him a Mandy Patinkin CD. Jimmy and Tom do a Mandy Patinkin sing-a-long. Stallone-In-A-Bottle pops in.

10: Tom talks about breakfast with Dice Clay.

15 – Tom talks about when Andy transformed into Dice.

20 – Tom has a bag he brings to sets for distractions during the lag time.

25 – Jimmy’s policy: Don’t bring your kids to my wedding.

30 – Tom introduced KFC biscuits to the world.