Life, the Multiverse, and Everything


Changes in my work and other areas of life (plus laziness) have certainly put me behind on this season’s notes! Thank goodness I believe in the Multiverse Theory!

See, in this universe, I am really, really, far behind. But in other universes (hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of them!) Never Not Notes has been perfectly maintained on-time with the utmost care. So as I see it, the number of universes in which Never Not Notes is up-to-date far is far greater than this universe, where it is not. Therefore, it’s more up-to-date than not.

The problem isn’t that I am behind in this universe. The problem is that you are living in the wrong universe!

In any case, look for some updates soon… at the very least, I’ll get Tobasco Ears Danny Katz’s notes up and ready for your eyeballs.

If it’s any colsolation, I will leave you with this photo of Karma, in the form of two little girls, punishing me for my misdeeds.