910 – Damien Fahey


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Intro: Jimmy goes right to camera due to the guest and panics

1:14 Next episode 911: time to celebrate

1:30 Aaliyah’s death was overshadowed by 9/11

2:00 Matt’s mispoken Darva Conger reference

2:50 Ken Marino bought muffins out of guilt

3:50 Enjoying tuna since 2010: Eliot Hochberg from INDHD.com

4:00 Swinger Danny Katz

4:30 Orgy and swinger talk, with Dan as featured guest

5:30 “Could YOU get an erection!?”

6:00 Pardcast-a-thon 2011 officially announced

6:20 Let’s talk about Matt’s baggy t-shirt

6:45 Sarah in Denver was the fan in the Republic of Georgia Peace Corps member who took forever to download Never Not Funny over a dial-up line

8:20 When offstage, Jimmy is not Snappy Jones

8:50 Jimmy may do a Tony Clifton / Andy Kaufman thing

9:00 Stallone in a bottle

10:00 You ARE being that guy!

11:30 Jimmy met Damien at Dave Holmes’ house

12:05 Damien’s compliments are sincere, but sound sarcastic

12:45 Ramping up Damien: MTV TRL

13:30 Jimmy warms up for Craig Kilborne

14:10 Damien got a shot at the Late, Late Show. Jimmy is over it now.

17:00 Turns out, everyone got a shot at the Late, Late Show, except Jimmy

18:00 Damien’s “befriend the writers” stategy pays off

19:20 Damien heads up the nerdiest petition in the history of petitions

20:00 How Damien got his shot

24:00 How much more money did Carson Daly make?

25:00 Adam Curry, the Podfather / Jimmy Pardo, the Pod Perfector

25:20 Damien’s MTV career

27:15 The variety of guests on TRL

28:00 What kind of “writing” is involved with TRL?

28:20 Answer: Luda-Crystal Balls. Plural.

30:50 Racist Stallon in the bottle

32:30 Damien insults Stallone’s skin

33:50 Why work out? Other than to stay in shape?

34:35 Who was unpleasant for Damien to work with? The answer WON’T surprise you!

36:00 Carson Daly gets it!

37:15 Hillbilly Matt dresses like they do it on the farm

38:50 Matt may be marked for a prison hit

39:15 Matt’s shirt is suitable for framing

40:15 Come on Jerry!!!!

40:55 Jimmy would be Jim is he could be, but there’s too much investment in printed matter already

41:20 “Sitting above a 7-11 in a florescent lit room”

41:30 Jimmy’s Volkswagen CC is kept clean

42:45 Car wash as status symbol

43:30 Either Matt’s dad is a tricky genius, or Matt is a gullible dunce

44:15 How Jimmy ended up with a collection of 8-track tapes

45:10 The Audiophile Corner

45:30 Damien has reasons for downloading The Essential Billy Joel

46:40 We Didn’t Start the Fire = Boomchild = The End of the World as We Know It

47:30 Jimmy is obsessed with Gino Vanelli

49:30 Gino’s is re[something]ing his old tunes

50:50 NEVER NOT FUNNY BACKSTORY: The origin of “We wish him luck…”

51:30 Tears for Fears in concert, including a scuffle

52:30 Jimmy played the “short card” to get better seats at a Peter Cetera concert

55:40 “You get more bees with honey!” No way is that right.

58:20 Damien’s airplane close encounter with a foot

60:00 Intimate details of Matt’s framing needs



63:45 Get ready for the 911 rave!

64:40 A diamond is a terrorist plot’s best friend

65:20 All-or-nothing Tobasco Ears Danny Katz

65:45 The return of Danbot

66:30 Danbot meets Sly-Stallone-in-a-bottle

68:45 Birthday and astrology sign talk

69:15 Jimmy remembers Janice, and groping to The Knack

70:40 “Matt’s like the voice of us!”

71:00 Damien’s childhood career aspirations

72:00 Interning at a radio station

74:00 Hosting the WMAS “love songs” show at 17 years old

77:00 Comedian Dr. Gonzo opened for Jefferson Starship, and was introduced by Grace Slick, but the story may be totally wrong in every detail

78:00 Jimmy opens for an Elvis impersonator

81:00 Damien’s Opie and Anthony appearance

83:45 YouTube comment threads: You’re an eff

85:45 TV givaway update: Jimmy still has the TV

86:30 One in a Million Girl

86:50 Damien’s favorite: Fleetwood Mac

87:00 Damien attends Lindsey Buckingham’s 60th birthday party, featuring The Bangles

92:00 Jimmy checks in with Dan’s feelings, but like Damien is incapable of sincerity

94:00 It’s fear-based!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten



Damien Fahey

Throw * in for potential iconic quotes

0 – Ken Marino, last week’s guest, gave us muffins.

5 – Shout out to a peace corps lady who’s been a listener to the show since the beginning. Stallone-In-A-Bottle makes his debut.

10 – Jimmy brings in guest Damien Fahey of MTV fame and talks about how they met and how they used to be competitors for The Late Late Show.

15 – Damien talks about a petition he started to keep Craig Kilborn doing his own introductions.

20 – Damien talks about his TRL days.

25 – The guys talk about Ludacrystal Balls and other sketches from TRL. Stallone-In-A-Bottle returns.

30 – Fred Durst sucks also in real life.

35 – The guys REALLY dog on Matt’s shirt.

40 – The guys talk a little Billy Joel.

45 – Gino Vannelli sing-a-long.

50 – Jimmy talks about getting blocked at a concert by an enormous woman.

55 – Damien sat next to old lady filth foot on a plane yesterday.


0 – Dan-Bot is at a zero today. Dan-Bot and Stallone-In-A-Bottle meet.

5 – Jimmy talks about getting to 2nd base with Janice in 8th grade. Damien talks about interning for a radio station when he was a teenager.

10 – Damien gave on-air dating advice as a teenager. Jimmy talks about bad early gigs.

15 – Damien talks about about a “you’re a pussy” chant he got from a huge crowd at Opie and Anthony.

20 – The guys talk about losers complaining on line.

25 – Damien was a plus one at Lyndsay Buckingham’s birthday party.