909 – Ken Marino


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Intro: Jimmy misses the “indeed” which has happened since episode 4 or 5, according to Never Not Notes

2:00 Matt insists “indeed” started on episode 2, because he was just listening to it (but he is wrong, it’s episode 5)

2:20 Jimmy is sick of his Dice-wife voice

3:00 Hey! Idiots! There’s always a line at certain places, so deal with it, without talking to Mr. Pardo.

4:00 Jimmy’s weather and traffic report

5:30 Killer Jimmy’s nicknames

6:45 Eliot from INDHD.com: always tardy

7:20 Jimmy recommends some sleep medication

7:50 Dan’s Podkatz gets traction from Never Not Funny plugs

8:30 JImmy’s take on USO shows

9:30 Fallujah ball joke

10:20 A letter from Petty Officer Griffin Glass

11:50 Ken was in one of the best comedy comedy show in the last 5 years: Party Down

14:00 Jimmy loved Ken in Diggers (2006)

15:45 Confusion turns to hostility when trying to figure out how step-parents work

16:45 Jimmy and Ken fight over guessing game rules

17:45 Ken compliments Jimmy

18:45 Jimmy’s Piranha 3D prediction failed

19:00 iPad on plane is no place to watch Piranha

20:10 Herbert Lom

21:30 Jimmy’s opinion of The State, based solely on maybe not ever seeing it


23:00 Jimmy’s relationship history

24:20 The State alumni are highly successful

25:50 More c-word talk

27:05 Let’s talk about muffins as an allegory to podcasting

28:15 Jimmy’s hatred of scatalogical references

30:00 The movies of Neil Simon

31:00 Jimmy saw Kristen Bell in a play just before she became big

33:00 Islip, you slip, we all slip and the color of Dan’s shorts

37:00 Ken is clearly not listening to Jimmy during this interview

37:30 Jimmy is the king of comedy, like, all over the world. Except New York.

38:00 Jimmy is trying to give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now.

40:30 Is Jimmy’s Nanny OK?

42:00 Everyone has an opinion about what Jimmy should do with his TV

46:00 Ken is shooting Wanderlust

47:00 Jimmy has turned down several roles on Children’s Hospital, something he should have never brought up

49:00 Matt has been to Comicon because Elise works on Futurama. And he’s a nerd.

52:00 Ken needs to fix Eliot’s Party Down Netflix issue

53:30 How much of Party Down is improv?

55:00 Family and living talk

56:00 Jimmy and Ken angrily enjoy one another’s company

56:30 Ken’s amazing chest is the early warning signal for too much heat

57:15 Wrestling with Riley, Ken’s son

58:00 Children’s party claustrophobia

58:45 For kids, it’s a dangerous world out there. Especially at an adult’s gym!

59:30 Monkey bars. Monkey bars!!!!!!!!!! MONKEY BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please properly define MONKEY BARS???????

61:00 Matt apparently gets a product placement kickback from the Geodesic Dome Society of America

64:00 Ken’s workout regimen (bonus: vomiting)

65:00 Jimmy’s condition and body fat measurements


67:45 Ken’s bathroom break experience

69:00 Washing your face in a public bathroom

70:00 Ken’s beauty tips

72:00 The glories of night time showering

74:00 What does Jimmy do until midnight every night?

75:00 White noise machine options

76:30 Revisiting the racist expression about shoes, female anatomy, and bathrooms

78:00 Defining Jimmy’s gentlemanliness

79:30 Jimmy’s first standup joke (it involves looking for toilet paper)

80:15 Ken is all up inside his own head

81:00 How Ken started showering at night, because of Japan

83:00 Jimmy’s international performing experience

84:15 Who sang Big in Japan?

85:30 Jimmy the multi-tasker

86:00 Honeymooning with Jimmy and Ken

88:00 Jimmy doesn’t know how to relax

88:30 “Does anybody a-mind if I a-double down?”

90:00 Ken’s kids, and the raising and putting-to-sleep thereof

94:00 How’s it gonna work/ TEEEAMMMMM WORK!!!!!

96:15 In an attempt to lose all listeners and viewers, three men with young children discuss the TV shows their kids watch

99:15 Ken was thrilled to be here. Go see Wanderlust in January of 2012

99:45 More Ken-related plugs

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


Ken Marino

0 – Jimmy sort of fucks up the intro he’s been doing since episode 102. Jimmy really wants to stop doing Dice’s lady. Pardo was angry at the valley yesterday for being really hot.

5 – Jimmy gives a shout-out to a listener overseas.

10 – This episode’s guest, Ken Marino, was on Jimmy’s favorite comedy show in the last 5 years: Party Down. Ken was also in a movie called Diggers that Jimmy loved and no one else saw.

15 – Jimmy and Ken talk a little bit about how they met.

20 – The guys talk a lot about The State.

25 – Ken is afraid of podcasts. Jimmy saw a poop scene in a movie that should’ve bugged him, but he wound up laughing.

30 – The guys talk about Islip, Long Island.

35 – 40: Jimmy can’t get rid of his TV on craigslist.

45 – Ken blew out his voice at comic con. The guys talk comic con.

50 – Ken wonders why him and Jimmy don’t hang out more.

55 – controversy of what monkey bars are.

60 – Ken looks great. He’s been using a personal trainer.


0 – Ken talks about pet peeves with public bathrooms.

5 – Ken loves a shower before bed.

10 – Ken wants to know how Jimmy became a “gentleman” comedian. Ken talks about going to Japan and learning about showering before bed.

15 – Jimmy sings along briefly to Alphaville’s “Big in Japan.”

20 – The guys talk about marriage, travel, and their children.

25 – The guys talk about the shows their kids watch.

30 – The guys talk about the really bad shows their kids watch.