908 – Todd Glass


Intro: Jimmy has been hosting since episode one, although there were talks of replacement

1:40 Jimmy was on the short list but keep your jokes to yourself

2:45 Here begins Jimmy’s detailed and epic account of hiding in a closet to spy on back-stabbing Matt

7:30 Robert Hedges’s hair

8:30 Dan Katz’s circle chant “We get to see another day!”

9:10 Dice-wife and Cajun Jimmy should date

10:45 The Dice’s Wife Offers to Buy Milk sketch

11:20 Eliot was the guest on Dan’s podcast, The Podkatz

12:30 Soderbergh / Soderheim

12:50 Matt deconstructs Dice-wife voice

13:15 Todd tries to butt in before being introduced

14:30 Great show, great people, low attendence in Denver

15:20 Another $10 for the homo jar

16:00 Jerky Boys: funny on the first listen

16:30 Is Todd related to Sharon Gless, and if not, why not?

17:30 Eliot had a genius idea

18:00 Eliot’s monitors

19:00 Micky Avalon: My Dick

20:50 Todd likes Justine Timberlake

21:30 Todd does a live sketch show

23:30 Jimmy’s Acme Saturday Night

24:30 Todd blatantly steals Jimmy’s “Why not?” bit

25:40 Spirit of 76 poster

27:15 Cagney and Lacey

29:00 We need a jar for the C-word

30:45 Someone is wrong on the internet

31:15 Stop reading your Tweets

35:10 “You’re just a clown!”

37:00 Smothers Brothers from 40 years ago is better than a lot of today’s comics

37:30 Comedy on XM radio

38:00 Fake compliments

37:30 Laryngitis Jimmy: “Have pride in your product!”

38:45 The Clean Comedy Channel

39:50 Jimmy Pardo, best detective in the room in regards to why XM plays certain comedians’ tracks

40:00 The Dice Clay Sunblock Sketch

41:15 The Dice Clay Carrots for Dinner Sketch

41:40 The Dice Clay Intestinal Regularity Sketch

42:15 The Dice Clay Cheesecake/Carrot Cake Sketch

42:40 Todd has some renovation ideas

44:00 The Dice Clay Leather Coat to Stay Cool Sketch

44:30 The Dice Clay and Wife in Court Sketch

46:00 Todd threatens to take his shirt off for perspiration-related reasons

47:10 Back to the C-word, and the “High-End C” story featuring a poodle, a white Mercedes SUV and the Baja Fresh

51:30 “I’m not gonna look dumb in front of Jose and Juan!”

52:30 More C-word discussion

54:00 Todd advises to always butt in to defend a customer-abused worker

56:55 Todd “I don’t work here! You can’t get me fired!”

57:50 The Dice and Wife at the Buffet Sketch

58:15 Sing Along with Jimmy: Some Like it Hot

59:00 Is Dan sad today?

59:50 Sing Along with Jimmy: Some Like it Hot / Pop Goes the Weasel

60:15 Todd defends an abused worker, right here on the show!

61:00 BREAK

62:00 Finally an episode number! It’s 908!

62:00 Harry Potter made Dan groggy and disappointed

63:20 Todd’s one-hour special is coming up. Why is he charging for tickets?

67:15 Todd gets a Subaru lease for his mom

68:30 Arguing over who gets to tell whom they can’t treat someone else like that

69:10 Back to Todd’s Subaru story

70:00 Todd (who used to get his emails faxed to him) now harnesses the power of social media

71:25 “Why is this the one thing you take me seriously on?!”

73:10 Dogcasting is an uptapped market

74:00 Carrie Fischer vs. Heidi Fleiss

74:30 How long have people been on the earth?

75:00 Wyatt Cenak and Harris Whittles

76:00 The Jimmy and Todd Gymnasium Show

76:40 “Mind yer business friend!”

77:40 Todd’s movie at The Grove: “Two Guys Fighting”

78:20 Story-telling reaction

79:30 Whattya gonna do?

80:15 Todd’s lazy spit-take

81:00 Another movie where the character wants to take his shirt off: Galaxy Quest

81:45 How the “time to mock the listener voice” evolved into Dice’s wife

83:15 The Eat Real Festival

83:45 Todd has something to say about the proper treatment of dogs: keywords: (1) veterinarian (2) motherfucker

85:30 Flea treatment for Jimmy’s neighborhood timeshare multi-named cat

89:30 “I’m wearin’ my own face on my shirt!”

89:45 Don’t use your pet’s name to prove how interesting you are

92:00 This means you, Danny Katz!

94:00 Todd’s streetwise cat

96:00 Trainability of cats vs. dogs, and Matt’s untethered anger towards those who know how to train said animals. This is “high talk.”

99:00 The VFW hall near the Apple Tree

99:50 Matt digs himself into a foxhole

101:00 Dog as beast of burden

103:20 Todd brings a strong ending to the podcast

103:30 Sing Along with Jimmy: Something to Talk About

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


Tweeting with Todd Glass

0 – 10: Jimmy names names of the guys who made the short list for replacing him as host of the program back in the day. Jimmy recounts the day he followed Belknap and discovered the plot to get a new NNF host.

10 – Matt and Jimmy just got back from Denver and had a blast. Dice’s lady shows up.

15 – The guys hate on the fact that Eliot has so many monitors. Jimmy does a “my dick” sing-a-long.

20 – The guys talk about the difficulty of doing live sketch comedy.

25 – 30: Todd talks about a tweet that made him so angry and upset.

35 – The guys talk about XM radio and how the DJ’s blow it when they play comedy.

40 – The guys talk about the venting of the room. Dice and his old lady take Jimmy to court.

45 – Jimmy tells a story of a lady he got in a fight with because she left her dog in her car.

50 – The guys talk about the “C” word and why it may or may not be a good idea. Todd tells another story of a Chinese lady saying the “N” word.

55 – Dan seems groggy. “Some Like It Hot” sing-a-long.


0 – Todd has a new special coming up. Jimmy wants Todd to be himself.

5 – Todd wants to thank Suburu and then everything falls apart. Todd then tells the Suburu story.

10 – The guys talking about names-crossing. Todd thinks Heidi Fleiss and Carrie Fisher are the same people. Jimmy and Todd fake fight at the gym.

15 – Todd does a spit take. Todd wants to take his shirt off a lot.

20 – Todd says: Take Care Of Your Dog. Jimmy talks about a ferrel cat that he and Danielle used to take care of.

25 – 40: The guys talk pets.