808 – Adam Scott


These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode, and slightly supplemented by me. Thanks tons Dan!

0 – The weather is nice in California, even when it’s raining.
The guys analyze Dan’s shirt that he spent too much money on.
Matt’s shirt reminds Jimmy of banging around.
This episode is brought to you by Purity Organic juice.

5 – Jimmy heavily admires the work of today’s guest, Adam Scott.

10 – Jimmy and Adam both went to the same acting school.

15 – Jimmy was not invited to return to the acting academy; nor has he been asked to return to certain TV shows.
Adam and Jimmy recant how poorly the school treated them.

20 – When Adam started at the academy, he split a room with Ronny Mazzaferro in a guest house. It was very depressing.

25 – Jimmy used to eat Jack-in-the-Box, Hostess cupcakes, and read Fletch novels. He rode a bicycle around. He eventually sold that bike to possibly Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
Adam used to buy his groceries at a gas station.
Adam remembers that his dad helped him move in with Ronny and then they went and got a hamburger and Adam couldn’t speak because he had to fight the tears.

30 – Jimmy had a similar experience. His buddy Daver helped him move to LA and then
Jimmy dropped Daver off at the airport and started crying.

35 – Adam’s musical taste really pisses Jimmy off.

40 – The guys talk about Bruce Springsteen.
Jimmy’s old buddy from high school messed his leg up so badly playing trampoline basketball.

45 – God damn it, Rob Lowe is attractive! So is John Stamos. But Rob Lowe in the 80’s: my God!
Matt’s sister has the biggest crush on Rob Lowe and stalked him once when she was 14.

50 – Adam talks about his experiences on both Party Down and Parks and Recreation.

55 – The guys talk about Jane Lynch blowing up.
Adam talks about how Party Down changed his career and what he wanted to do with his career.

1:00 – Jimmy has to pee into a catheter.


0 – Everyone took their long shirts off ‘cause it’s hot in here.
The guys talk about how Westwood is all fucked up due to the economy.

5 – Adam talks about doing Piranha 3-D with Elizabeth Shue, about having crushes on Shue in Karate Kid, and the differences btwn the new and old Karate Kid.
What ever happened to DJ Jazzy Jeff?

10 – Toy Story 3 shouldn’t be rated G.

15 – Adam has seen Polar Express thirty times.
Matt is freaked out by live capture animation.
The guys talk about watching movies.

20 – Adam’s in a new movie where Megan Fox plays his girlfriend.

25 – The guys talk about junk food.

30 – Jimmy gives a shout out to a fan who died unfortunately.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten