815 – Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

0 – Jimmy learns how the internet works. Rush “Spirit Of The Radio” sing-a-long. Jimmy takes responsibility for the rain going away. Matt was attacked by a zombified Alan Hale (Skipper from “Gilligan’s Island”). Matt opened Jimmy’s mail.5 – Purity Organic Juice plug.

10 – Matt is in so much legal trouble for opening Jimmy’s mail.

15 – Jimmy asks Rich when “Mad Men” will be back on the air. Rich gives a very careful answer.

20 – The guys talk about their love of watching real monuments blow up in sci fi movies, like 9/11.

25 – The guys talk about Paul Mooney.

30 – Mad Men is now gonna be a talk show with a live audience.

35 – The guys talk about a dispute regarding the opening titles of “Mad Men.”

40 – The guys talk about one of the funniest dumb things someone said at Jimmy’s game show.

45 – 60: The guys shit on the Oscars.

60 – The guys talk about the lost NNF ep.


0 – 5: The guys intend to avoid more Oscar talk and fail.

10 – Dan wastes time talking about running shoes and waking up late for work.

15 – I couldn’t be here during this part ‘cause I ran to put quarters in Matt’s meter.

20 – The guys talk about how many kids they want to have.

25 – Rich talks about getting in trouble for a tweet he did.

30 – The guys talk about “Hall Pass” and infidelity.