811 – Conan O’Brien

Guest: Conan O’Brien

0 – This is a rare night time record. Jimmy talks about the weather and guest, Conan O’Brien heavily distracts him by moping silently. Conan and Jimmy yell at each other.

5 – Conan criticizes Jimmy’s ramp-up, comparing his intro to a Ken Burns documentary.

10 – Conan knows Jimmy judges him. Conan’s new set is very small and intimate, like an informal comedy club.

15 – Conan likes to hire different war vets on his staff. The guys talk about the Fauklands War. Conan saw Jennifer Aniston naked.

20 – People use Conan and he knows it. The guys talk about a comic who reads the newspaper to his audience.

25 – The guys shit on LaBamba for a bit.

30 – The guys talk about Conan’s beard. Jimmy talks about tanking on The Tonight Show.

35 – Conan tells this really cool analogy about a bad moment in one’s career. If you look at all of your work as tiling. If you look at just one tile, it might not be that impressive, but if you look at the whole work, if you’ve cared for it, it’s impressive.

40 – The guys talk about their kids.

45 – Jimmy thinks there are a few duds on the Conan crew. Jimmy thinks that if he kills Andy Richter, he’ll get to take his place. Conan talks about hanging with Seth Green at Morton’s, where Andy Richter is God.

50 – Conan is bad at cursing. Conan is gonna take everyone in the room out to steaks, but it’s never gonna happen.

55 – Conan talks about a very strange man, Jeff Ross, who is the executive producer of Conan’s show.

60 – the guys talk about hating on George Burns

65 – There’s no way Zeppo was the funniest Marx brother. The guys compare drug terms.

70 – 75: Conan really teases the idea of going out to eat with the guys.

80 – Conan conserves energy. Conan really wants the audience to be caught up in mystery of whether or not the after-recording dinner will happen.

85 – The guys talk about dial tones and Charlie Callas.

90 – Jimmy stands up for John Fogerty.

95 – Jimmy tries on Eliot’s glasses. The guys analyze how the show has gone.

100 – The guys like Howard Stern. Jimmy pitches for Conan to get him a job as a talk show host.