810 – Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

0 – Chicago was a smash fantasy hit. Almost as good as Jimmy starring in “West Side Story” in 6th grade. Premiere of a new NNF tee shirt.5 – Jimmy ramps up his hero, musician Ellis Paul. He recants the story of how he discovered Ellis’s music.10 – Jimmy talks about embarrassing himself at an Ellis Paul show.

15 – Purity Organic plug. Ellis is feeling under the weather.

20 – Ellis grew up in Maine, listening to KISS, Elton John, and Queen. Ellis was a runner in high school and was obsessed with Prefontaine.

25 – Jimmy likes his space when he travels. Jimmy hates the LA-hipster- “I get it” – laugh.

30 – Ellis hates it when fans applaud at the beginning of his songs. Ellis once saw a fan lyp syncing to a story he was telling.

35 – Ellis does kids music too. Jimmy’s son Oliver thought Jimi Hendrix wrote the Monster Mash.

40 – Ellis plays a lot of private parties and has had some interesting experiences.

45 – Ellis lives in Virginia. Dave Matthews is his neighbor. The guys hate on KISS.

50 – The guys discuss fatherhood and their love of “Toy Story 3.”

55 – Ellis wrote a song about assholes who yell “Free Bird” at concerts. He sings it.

60 – Ellis sings “Jukebox on My Grave.”


0 – Ellis has had some songs in The Farrelly Brothers music. The guys talk about their kids misbehaving.

5 – Ellis has a Woodie Guthrie tattoo. He showed it to Guthrie’s spawn.

10 – Dan fails trying to find out where the brady bunch lived.

15 – Ellis sings “Take All The Sky You Need.”

20 – Eliot finally finished the show “Lost.” Jimmy hated the end of “Lost.” Ellis is one of those guys who doesn’t have TV.

25 – Jimmy reads a letter from a soldier in Iraq.

30 – Ellis and his manager were on a road gig and ran out of gas.

35 – Ellis closes out with one more song: “When We Begin.”