825 – Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt in fine form


Greg Behrendt

0 – We start this episode a little sing-songy. Hot Tomatoes! NNF curse just killed Seve Ballesteros. Jimmy just sold his Miami Vice box set and made a profit.

5 – Season 9 is right around the corner. Jimmy got a bad review due to his musical tastes. The guys analyze the indifference in a karaoke audience.

10 – Jimmy catches Eliot practicing a thumbs up. Jimmy talks about a great joke that he and Andy Richter do on Conan to no response.

15 – The guys talk cake balls. The guys talk getting poisoned by obsessed fans.

20 – Guest Greg Behrendt tells a great Bill Hicks heckler story. This leads to stories of violence towards comedians.

25 – Greg tells the best drunk woman heckler story ever.

30 – 35: The guys talk about 70’s TV shows

40 – 45 The guys talk bad new bears sequels

50 – The guys talk Billy Mays, Rob Lowe, and sex scandals.

55 – The guys talk about the different paths between Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe.


0 – Greg loves 7-11 blueberry coffee. The guys talk about names that are unpleasant to say.

5 – Greg and Jimmy talk about people getting their names wrong.

10 – How do people smoke in 2011?

15 – 25: the guys talk music (largely Sammy Hagar, and I didn’t have my computer for a while ‘cause Jimmy needed it).

35 – Wrapping it up.