901 – Dave Anthony


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1:40 Jimmy is coming right in your ears, Bogosian-style

2:20 Season 9 begins with a shoutout to Mario Degiorgio

3:30 It’s fake June and Jimmy loves memorial day

4:30 Jimmy’s working out his Veterans of Non-Foreign War bit

4:45 Montana is a fine state with many redeeming qualities, including being the home of NNF annex office

5:15 Fuck Purity Organic anyway!

5:45 Gorgeous weather

6:00 You Dropped a Bomb on Me

6:45 Shake Your Booty, Jimmy

7:00 Jack FM, the height of spontaneous hilarity

8:30 Rhymin’ Jimmy is anti-snark

9:20 A pitch-perfect and timely Johnny Cochrane imitation

9:50 Jimmy is tired of plugging INDHD.com

10:15 Purity Organic non-plug

10:30 Water is bad for you

11:00 Dan teaches Jimmy to HALT when agitated

12:30 When welcoming Dave, Jimmy is no Marc Maron

13:00 Be Dave’s facebook friend, unless you’re Aimee Mann

14:45 More Jack FM info

16:40 Dave calls in to Jack FM – “Jack FM? More like JERK FM!”

19:00 Other names for Jack FM

20:00 One-handed driving

23:00 16-year-old Dave couldn’t afford auto insurance

24:50 Pontiac FYE – YER – BIRD

25:45 Dave’s daddy issues are all worked out via podcasts

26:00 Dave co-hosts Walking the Room with Behrendt

26:30 Jimmy is coming out in 2012

27:00 Jimmy has blimped out by adding 4 pounds

28:00 Jimmy boxes in the pussyweight class

28:30 Dave would pay to see Jimmy fight his luggage while Matt has a stroke

30:00 Matt is trying to walk the room

30:45 More VFW talk

31:45 Jimmy’s actual weight-class

32:30 Dave ninjas a Stallone imitation into the show

33:40 Al Lubel talk

35:30 NNF needs a moniker for fans

37:30 Matt, the idea man

39:30 Bamboo suitcases and Constantinople

40:30 They Might Be Giants vs. Barenaked Ladies (winner fights the luggage gorilla)

41:30 What kind of music does Dave like, exactly?

43:00 Huey Lewis cuteness

44:00 Huey Lewis in underwear

46:15 Matt’s Peter Frampton talkbox guitar sound absolves him of all wrong

48:00 Pardo’s highway littering

49:30 Dave is in Jimmy’s top four

50:30 Even more VFW talk

52:00 Jimmy’s encycolpedic knowledge of Hamburger Hill

53:00 Huey Lewis Peter Framptom Lief Garrett Sean Cassidy

58:15 It’s pronounced LAFE!

59:30 Frampton Comes Alive!

60:00 Oliverism of the Day

61:00 Dave’s 2 year old is just not that smart

63:00 How to discipline your kid

63:45 BREAK (with a cameo by Jimmy!)

68:30 Jimmy has the same phone as Dave (and me) the Palm Pre

69:00 Jimmy’s baseball corner

73:00 Matt is not ashamed of getting hit in the nose with a baseball

74:30 Get out to the ball game, but avoid the gangs

76:15 Hey guys! Revisiting Matt’s Bruce imitation

77:00 Jimmy’s nurturing nature toward Oliver

77:30 Game of Thrones or Game of Thorns or Throne Birds or Thorn Birds

79:00 Dan is as helpful in ever in finding things on the internet

80:00 Another Purity Organic non-promo

81:00 Is Walking the Room too dirty for Jimmy?

81:20 So you jerked yourself off in a car? (Extra points for Matt!)

82:00 The Aristocrats!

83:00 Why no Pardo on Comedy Central roasts?

85:00 Jimmy’s wedding day roast

86:30 Huey Newton and the Lous!

89:00 Raphael Saadiq and Tony! Toni! Toné!

91:00 Oliver is anti-Benji

92:15 Lindsey Lohan’s Herbie boob-shrinkage

93:00 The Olsen twins turning 18

94:30 Shawnee Smith, Danielle Fishel, Winnie Cooper

95:00 Dave and Jimmy’s on-set altercation

96:30 Strong season 9 opening!

97:30 Anthony is no match for Behrendt!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

BONUS: Dan Katz’s in-studio notes

0 – Ninth season opener. Jimmy’s coming in your ears. Plug for a new tee shirt. The guys talk about Memorial Day. No Purity Organic plug this episode.

5 – “Shake Your Booty” sucks. Jack FM sucks.

10 – Guest Dave Anthony leaves a Jack FM voicemail.

15 – You ever jerk off in a car?

20 – The guys talk about weight gain and weight loss.

25 – It would be bad if they let civil war guys into the VFW. Jimmy is a super feather weight if he was a boxer.

30 – Jimmy needs a nickname for the NNF fans.

35 – Matt defends a joke earlier that got shat on.

40 – Dave doesn’t like cutesy musicians. Dave tells an intense Huey Lewis story.

45 – Jimmy was driving, jerked off, jizzed on a Verve Pipe CD, tossed it out the window.

50 – Apparently, Huey Lewis has a huge penis and Peter Frampton has a small one.

55 – Dave mistakes Frampton for Lief Garrett. The guys talk about their kids. Jimmy’s son Oliver is a huge KISS fan.


0 – Jimmy and Dave have the same phone. The guys talk a little baseball. Jimmy remembers when he almost became a pretend baseball manager.

5 – Dave talks about an awesome parole officer.

10 – The guys talk about Comedy Central roasts. What would Jimmy be like on one?

15 – Jimmy enjoyed his own roast.

20 – There are no Tonys in Tony Toni Tone.

25 – The guys try to figure if Dave Anthony was the best guest ever.