813 – Will Forte

Will Forte

0 – It rained yesterday and Jimmy made it go away by saying “rain, rain, go away.” Jimmy accidentally does the best Christopher Walken impression for one second. Matt’s favorite Hall & Oates song may or may not be “Maneater.” Jimmy talks about his favorite “Beavis & Butt-head” quote.5 – Jimmy does a Purity Organic plug.

10 – A lot of Van Halen arguing between Jimmy and guest Will Forte.

15 – The guys figure out

20 – Will saw the Led Zeppelin one-off show in London during the writer’s strike.

25 – When Will was on Saturday Night Live he could never miss a Saturday. He had to miss weddings, but never a funeral. Will sat near a hockey player at the Zeppelin concert.

30 – Will saw a Cream reunion in New York. The guys talk about famous bands not doing their most beloved songs.

35 – Will talks about the SNL days.

40 – The guys talk about the writing process of SNL.

45 –

50 –

55 –

60 – Missed most of what was going on for 15 minutes trying to find out who Howard Hesseman played on That 70’s Show.

65 – Will Forte got really stoned and saw “Despicable Me,” loved it, but can’t remember it.

70 – Will re-iterates that he’s not a stoner.

75 – We discuss which drugs Will has and hasn’t done. Jimmy talks about a great KISS experience where Gene and Paul were heavily embarrassed.

80 – 90: lots of Hall & Oates talk. MacGruber talk. Ending on Will Forte’s experience on 30 Rock.

90 – 100: If you’re thinking about doing drugs, question this: What would Henry Winkler think?