824 – Janet Varney

Janet Varney


Janet Varney

0 – Jimmy starts it nice and breathy. It’s a big day for America. Jimmy’s wearing a shirt
that a fan gave him. Jimmy does a Beatles sing-a-long with new lyrics for guest Janet

5 – Dan’s getting a haircut from Matt today. Purity Organic plug.

10 – The guys like “Beauty & The Beast,” the movie, not the show.

15 – More hating on the “The Beauty & The Beast” musical.

20 – Jimmy is loving the Rob Lowe autobiography. Jimmy likes one show that Janet is
on, but not the other show.

25 – Janet is in the new “Moody Judy” movie. Janet brought Matt his tee shirt and
brought Jimmy a box of Raisin Bran Crunch.

30 – This is the day after Osama got killed and the guys talk about some of the strange
reactions to the death.

35 – It’s disturbing how “psyched” people got over a death.

40 – Jimmy figures out a way to bring Ronny James Dio into his 9/11 opinion.

45 – The guys talk about Dan’s haircut again. Janet’s had a tattoo removed.

50 – There was some weird hair near Janet; Dan cleaned it.

55 – The guys do some interesting research into Jane Child.

1:00 – The guys look at major music events from 1998.

1:05 – Jimmy talks about a horrible date he accidentally overheard. Matt and Jimmy
went to a book fair that wasn’t handled very well and all the food sold out except for
gummy bears.


2nd half – I did not take notes during the 2nd half, but the big things were: Jimmy
doing gummy bear theatre, Matt cutting my hair, and Jimmy and Janet giving haircut