820 – Jon Hamm

Emmy winner Jon Hamm

0 – Jimmy just got in from the airport. He had a very bad sleep last night.5 – Purity Organic plug.10 – Hello Jon Hamm. Jon has been here since Pardcast-A-Thon, ’09.

15 – Jimmy was at a fantasy baseball convention in Vegas. Jimmy has a not very good relationship with George Lopez.

20 – Meanwhile, Jimmy explains the reason he had a bad sleep last night (he had to share a bed with his wife & son at the hotel).

25 – The guys discuss the ins and outs of Jimmy’s draft picks.

30 – Jon Hamm played golf with Richard Kind.

35 – Jimmy still subscribes to TV Guide and reads it in bed.

40 – Jimmy only has one player from the active Cardinals roster.

45 – Jimmy recants his phone conversation with The Big Cat & Bobby Bonilla.

50 – The guys talk interesting baseball player names.

55 – The guys go caddy over golf cart, though Matt used to be a poor caddy.


0 – Jimmy said the funniest thing during the break.

5 – I made a phone call.

10 – The guys talk about celebrity softball.

15 – The guys uncover the Mangiardo mystery.

20 – Matt is afraid he’s gonna get beat up.

25 – The musical “Tommy” is not for children.