814 – Graham Elwood

Graham Elwood

0 – We’re recording a little early today. Jimmy went to a Grammy party last night hosted by JZ. Eliot kicks a table. The guys make fun of the way Eliot is dressed.

5 – The guys tease Dan because of his haircut and his sprained ankle. Jimmy is still off Monster and loving it.

10 – Dan recants his courtroom drama.

15 – Graham is officially brought into the mix. Jimmy talks about appearing on Graham’s podcast, “Comedy Film Nerds.” Graham talks about his two Afghanistan documentaries. Graham tries the purity organic beverage.

20 – The guys do a little sing-a-long. Jimmy’s not sure if he likes Matt’s contribution. Jimmy and Graham recant their game show days.

25 – The guys argue who the best game show hosts are.

30 – Graham considers Christopher Knight (of Brady Bunch fame) a good guy.

35 – Back on comparing game show hosts.

40 – The game show host argument seeps into an argument over who belongs on Mt. Rushmore. Then back to game show host argument.

45 – What about Pat Sajak?

50 – 60: Keep talking about game show hosts.


0 – The guys talk about cum rags. Dan reveals something disgusting.

5 – The guys hate on hanes underwear.

10 – The guys talk about George Michaels.

15 – Oscar picks. Matt says “inception” should win, but thinks “king’s speech” will win. Graham thinks “social network” should win, but thinks “king’s speech” might. Dan: will – “social network” should – “true grit.” Eliot: will – “social network,” should – “the fighter.” Jimmy – will “social network” should – “king’s speech.”

20 – “no strings attached” vs “just go with it.”