817 – Pat Francis

Pat Francis

0 – Jimmy messed up his timer and he’s hard on himself and everyone else. Jimmy talks about the first time he saw Chicago live.5 – Beat-off stories.10 – Pat challenges Matt to a cheese stick-eating contest.

15 – The guys talk about their upcoming Atlanta show

20 – Purity Organic plug. Jimmy laments not having Pat on the last episode.

25 – 40: The guys crank call a hotdog stand.

40 – The guys talk shop class

45 – 55: I left to make an “f” word jar. I also took an uncomfortable call.

60 – Pat tells a story where he got questioned by the FBI.

65 – 75: The guys crack the FBI case and read an incredibly racist Anti-Armenian article.


0 – 10: Eliot tries a new bit where he tells a mysterious story and the guys add in interesting details.

10 – 20: The guys talk about bands that’ve held out on itunes.

20 – Jimmy does a not gay (gay) voice.